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Cake Launches the Makka: A $3,500 Electric Moped for City Riding

Cake, a Swedish electric motorcycle company has released its newest motor vehicle and has named it the Makka. It is built for urban shuttle convenience and is super lightweight. It is the perfect commuting solution for urban folks. The company is known for its passion for the sport of inventing and developing sustainable yet high-performance products. It has been proved again and again that a stylish and convenient commute solution does not need to fume around and pollute the world. Their innovations ensure there is no use of fluids, grease, gasoline, or oil. The Bikes are more like bicycles. When charging these vehicles the sustainability is mostly kept in mind and the better news is, with these vehicles you do not need to sit through hours at the garage. They are simply easy to maintain as well. Let us look into more details

E-mopeds vs. E-bikes: understanding the differences 

Each addition of an electric vehicle in your city can do wonders to the environment and to the people around you. An eco-friendly commute solution dopes not only cuts on pollution and noise but also on costs. With the increasing prices of fuels day after day, the most economic and smart call of the day will be an electric vehicle. 


E-mopeds or electric mopeds are also known as the ‘sit-down scooter’. The model looks somewhat similar to the gasoline mopeds however the body conceals the storage for the mechanics and electric completely. It also offers space to store your helmet. The licensing requirements are minimal as compared to the heavy ones. 

Electric bikes

E-Bikes are just bicycles with a motor. In its looks as well as functions. You will still use pedals in this one to move it forward as you would do with the normal bicycles. But the extra motor makes you ride faster as it provides the push.

What to Choose  

emopeds and ebikesMakka: light, robust, powerful

Makka is not Cake’s usual line of creation, it is a step up. The Cake is popular for off-road motorbikes like the Kalk. However, Makka is more your everyday commute solution, to put in a better way, the best sustainable everyday commute. The weight is about 132 pounds and it also comes with a cargo rack that can be used to add accessories like a child seat or saddlebags. This e-moped comes in white or gray and is allowed in the streets with a license.

Makka comes in two forms, namely the Makka Range, and the Makka Flex. The former is only available in the markets of Europe. Its speed ranges from 15 miles per hour to 35 miles. The latter however is available both in Europe and the U.S. Both bikes can be accessorized with versatile options. Makka clean is the original vehicle with no accessories; Makka + rack comes with an appropriate rack for surfboards, longboards, and other items for your adventures; Makka + rear large basket, as the name suggests comes with a rear basket to carry your belongings around; Makka + passenger seat comes with a passenger seat to make the commute possible with a ride-along.

Product characteristics

  • Light, unsoiled and noiseless.
  • All bikes are urbanized and it promotes high performance.
  • The rides are agile and exciting with the detailed kinetics and use of materials along with the precision in construction.
  • Just like LEGO, it is constructed in a segmental way. The aim was to eliminate the redundancy of moving parts.

Pdt char Pdt char

Pdt char

Makka Range: Specifications

  • Weight: 55 kg + 11 kg battery
  • Top speed: +25 km/h
  • Driver’s license: None (EU)
  • Range: 60 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*
  • Power: 1.8 KW (2,4 hp)
  • Street legal: Yes

Makka Flex: Specifications

  • Weight: 55 kg + 11 kg battery
  • Top speed: +45 km/h
  • Driver’s license: AM or B (EU)
  • Power: 3.6 KW (4,8 hp)
  • Range: 50 km mixed city riding (WMTC-II)*
  • Street legal: Yes

Both bikes feature an aluminum footrest and are somewhat similar when it comes to looks. However, Cake is not the only company with unique off-road to on-road mopped ideas. There are other companies in the race too. With time we might be able to witness a few more, however, only time will tell which rules the markets. Either way, it is a win-win for sustainability. 

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