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The Best Lighting for Zoom Calls of 2021 – Explore your options

Although many offices are reopening very soon, not all of them will see employees going back to their offline office set up right away. And as virtual meetings and video conferences have become an integral part of office culture, let us find out more about the best lighting for Zoom calls in this write-up. Also, find out which is the best Zoom lighting kit that you can invest in. 

Best lighting for Zoom meetings

First, you must be aware that just as you can get the light for Zoom meetings right, you can get it wrong as well. You must figure out how to look your best for these virtual calls and conferences. And the type of lighting you use plays a crucial role in the same. The best or optimum light for Zoom meetings will make you look your best. 

Let us take a stepwise approach for the same because other than lighting, few other aspects will make it easy for you to look your best. 

1. Set up the Zoom call

The device you are using and the background you are using all add to your professionalism. 

2. The device you are using

As compared to a tablet or a phone, prefer a desktop or a laptop for optimum performance. This is because computers and laptops are stable, and you can be hands-free. 

3. Positioning your device

Place the device in such a manner that it is at eye level and rests on a hard surface. Never position the light behind you. 

4. Background 

This is vital and tries to sit at a place where there is less disturbance. People will not be moving around at the back. You will not have children playing video games and shouting out of excitement. 

5. Lighting 

What are your options when it comes to the best lights for Zoom meetings? Check it out here.

a) Natural light

This is perhaps the best choice when it comes to Zoom meeting lighting. Natural light helps in dispersing the even tone across your face without making it appear too cool or warm-toned. 

b) Overhead lighting 

Having strong and bright LED lights can make a mess of the place. Instead, try to opt for the best ring light for Zoom meetings. Also, recessed lights cover an area evenly too. 

c) More about the best ring light for Zoom meetings

For optimizing the so-called professionalism in any Zoom meeting, this is a good option. They reflect light on your face and the immediate surroundings well. 

Lighting plays an important role in any Zoom meeting but there are certain types of lighting choices that can cause more harm than good. These are as follows-

    • No floor lamps or any kind of lamp

These types of lighting will not reach far enough to offer the kind of light required for a professional meet or conference. 

    • Fairy lights are dangerous

Also known as Christmas lights are undoubtedly pleasing but they do not give a professional feel or tone to a Zoom meeting. 

Having said about the finer aspects of perfect lighting requirements for a Zoom meeting, let us catch a glimpse of the Zoom lighting kit you can invest in. Here are a few options. 

    • Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit
    • Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit
    • LituFoto Video Conference Lighting Kit- Multipurpose Zoom Lighting Kit
    • VIJIM Laptop Light – Best for short Zoom calls
    • ULANZI Laptop Light – Ideal for Laptop Video Conferencing

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