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How to wake up early –Benefits and what do early risers do

We have heard most of the successful people, the celebrities, benefiting from waking up early. A common man does so as well. There are several advantages of getting up early and being the first one in your household to see and experience the pleasantness of dawn. However, even if people know that they will derive a lot of benefit by waking up early, many find it difficult to do so. So, for those people, here are few tips to wake up earlier

How to wake up early – Benefits and Tips that will drag you out of bed

Check out these tricks to wake up early. Maintaining good sleep hygiene is key. 

  1. Consistent bedtime routine – Good sleep hygiene means setting a time for the bedtime routine. Before you retire to bed, start winding up gradually that will prepare you to fall asleep. 
  2. Sleep schedule must be consistent – Retiring to bed and getting up daily must be consistent. It means the time must be the same every day. 
  3. Screen time to be avoided – When you are about to go to bed, switch off your mobiles, televisions, or any hand-held device that adds to your screen time. 
  4. Avoid certain foods before bedtime – You must finish your food 3 hours before sleeping. Eating late and staying up late might lead to reflux.
  5. Keep the alarm far – Stopping the alarm early morning is a common phenomenon, a practice that keeps you glued to your bed. Keep that alarm clock away. 
  6. Exercise – Exercising keep your organs active and healthy. You also tend to fall asleep early.

Benefits of waking up early

Having discussed how to wake up earlier, let us find out the benefits of waking up early. 

  • You do not skip your breakfast – Getting up early means you have some time at your disposal, and you do not have to skip your breakfast. Skipping the first meal of the day is not desirable. It keeps your blood sugar levels fluctuating. 
  • Good looking skin – Having a good night’s sleep means you are fresh and rejuvenated from inside and externally. It reflects in your appearance, whether skin or being active. 
  • You get time to follow an exercise regimen- Enough time means you can exercise. And following a regular exercise regimen keep you healthy and disease-free. 
  • Better concentration – Getting adequate sleep means that you can concentrate better. And by the time others are still getting up to start rushing, you already have spent the initial hours of the day fruitfully. 
  • Improves your productivity – Now that you have had your breakfast, complete with your exercise regimen, and ready to take on the challenges of the day, you finally reach your workplace. Your level of concentration improves which has a positive impact on your productivity. 

How to train yourself to wake up early – What early risers do

The ones that wake up early, do the following-

  1. You can plan out your day and pace yourself
  2. Going to bed early allows you to get up fresh
  3. Early risers keep a tab on lighting before going to bed. Extensive lighting will reduce the production of melatonin which helps in inducing sleep. They turn off-screen time well beforehand. 
  4. If you are an early riser, you avoid binging or snacking before bed. 
  5. Early risers eat one hour before waking up early. According to the American Heart Association, you must eat your breakfast within an hour or two from waking up. 

Maintaining a disciplined life helps you go a long way, mentally and physically. 

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