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A Case Study on Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut brand is one of the most recognizable fast-food brands in the world. It was founded in June 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in Kansas, USA. This chain has spread across the globe and filled thousands of stomachs with tasty pizzas ever since. Pizza Hut, which opened its first restaurant in 1958, now has more than 16,700 locations worldwide. The chain has changed dramatically since it open. The number of consumers who prefer to take out or order pizza online is on the rise. 

The company is old and respected in the fast-food industry but has recently been eclipsed by its competitors, McDonald’s and Dominos, which have successfully used Social Media tools to make incredible eye-catching campaigns. 

Pizza Hut stays competitive by serving guests when and where they desire. As Senior Director, Digital Infrastructure at Pizza Hut U.S., Chuck Rhoades states, “We want our customer’s pizza to arrive fast and hot, and we want their experience to be easy and reliable.”

In the delivery of meals, technology plays an increasingly important role. According to The NPD Group, 43 percent of restaurant delivery orders are now digital. Accordingly, customers can order their favorite Pizza Hut meals via the company’s website, mobile app.

Swot Analysis

  • Strengths

The brand recognition of Pizza Hut is one of its strongest assets. With the position as a market leader with a strong brand, Pizza Hut provides a wide selection of pizzas, which gives the company the ability to introduce new pizzas to the market. The company values its loyal customers. The fact that Pizza Hut is known for its pizza-making will create a strong perception of their new pizzas in customers’ minds.

  • Weaknesses

When compared with others, Pizza Hut has the greatest weakness of being too expensive. The restaurant services, plus the extra facilities, are what cause Pizza Hut to have higher overhead costs. Comparatively, Pizza Hut is not as widely spread as other fast-food establishments. 

  • Opportunities

Pizza Hut has the opportunity to introduce new flavors, sizes, and serve the best pizza. The new innovative pizzas according to the location of the outlet will guarantee higher revenue. Therefore, Pizza Hut should open additional locations to increase market share and compete more effectively against other restaurants like other competitors.

  • Threats

Fast food industry competition is increasing; this increased competition is reducing profit margins in the industry and also causing a decline in market share. One major concern for Pizza Hut is the prices of competitors. In comparison with Pizza Hut, the competitors offer lower prices to their customers.

Marketing Objectives

Market share for pizza is dominated by Pizza Hut. As a result of the high quality of product and service provided by the pizza hut, the introduction of a new pizza will have a better chance of success. New products are often introduced by fast-food restaurants in order to increase short-term sales. Pizza Hut has a competitive edge in developing innovative products that will also be successful in the market. Pizza Hut’s share of the market will increase with new products. A new product is necessary to keep ahead of the competition in a market where there is high competition.

Customer Segmentation

In marketing, target audiences are the main group of customers to whom a company is trying to appeal. They are primarily targeted at people looking for dine-in pizza in a comfortable, family-oriented environment. In addition to pizza delivery, a takeout option is also desired by the company’s secondary target market. As Pizza Hut is a fast-food brand, it targets teens and young adults most likely 15-27 years of age as this age group is most likely to consume pizza. A Target Audience Analysis likewise tries to understand what the main customer segments of a brand want and need.


In the UK, Pizza Hut has been successful because of its innovative menu and service offerings. Pizza Hut positions itself as an innovative, premium-quality restaurant chain by extending its product line. As a fast-food company, Pizza Hut has already established itself as an excellent food and service provider.

Pizza Hut’s Competitors

Due to its numerous menu items and their varieties, the company has a strong competitive edge over its competitors in the Pizza market. Pizza Hut’s main strength is its ability to generate business and drive growth from emerging markets, which will be driving future growth for the company. Businesses are surrounded by competitors. Adapting, surviving, and winning are not possible if a company is acting in isolation. Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Caesar Little Enterprises are three of Pizza Hut’s top local competitors. Pizza carries more than one type of pizza, including salads, sandwiches, and even desserts. In addition to its sit-in restaurants, Pizza Hut offers delivery and carryout services. Many of Pizza Hut’s competitors serve similar kinds of food. Delivery is one area where Pizza Hut’s competitors differ dramatically.


A study of Pizza Hut and its current market situation showed that today’s customers demand high-quality food, excellent customer service, and convenient seating arrangements. Under one roof, Pizza Hut offers a wide selection of pizzas, salads, desserts, etc. The company also provides restaurant facilities to their customers. 

Fast food is a very competitive industry in the UK. Domino’s, McDonald’s, and KFC are in direct competition with Pizza Hut in the market. A high-priced restaurant, Pizza Hut offers high-quality food and a relaxing environment compared to its competitors. One weakness of pizza hut is its limited number of locations

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