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Gen Z ETF Plan by High School Junior in the Pipeline

Bloomberg News reports that few of the youngest investors in the world will soon be able to access an ETF or exchange-traded fund that will be tailored or customized to suit their “progressive values“. 

A joint venture known by the name Gen Z ETF, between sub-adviser Alkali Fintech LLC and adviser Empowered Funds LLC will be tracking companies that the sub-adviser finds is most relevant to the investors and the ones born between 1997 and the initial period of the 2010s as per a filing with US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The fund’s portfolio managers include Brandon Koepke and Leonard Feder. Julian Feder started trading equities from the age of 13 followings which he conceived the idea of starting this fund. He is the research associate of Leonard Feder, according to the filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Initially, the ETF will be investing in equities that started trading after January 1, 1997, publicly and the ones that have an average daily turnover of over $5 million. From thereon, Alkali will screen companies subjectively depending on the utility by Gen Z, research efforts, innovation, and other factors, considering whether the company is “morally aligned” with the values of Gen Z, which essentially includes social welfare and environmental concerns. 

The filing, according to Bloomberg News also said that the holdings will ultimately be technology-focused. The fund still does not have a ticker and will take a management fee of 0.6% will reallocate every month. 

Aside from the above, there are few other ETFs launched keeping in mind the requirements of a particular age cohort. The Global X Millenial Consumer ETF or MILN  and (ticker GENY) Principal Millennials Index ETF have gathered approximately $318 million between them since the launch of the funds in 2016.

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