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Best Skin Care Tools

Skincare is not about the products you use but also what you eat and when you eat, your sleep pattern, your workout schedule. Skincare is not just a task but a whole set of tasks. To be able to discover the language your skin speaks is a task but once you get the secrets decoded, it will become way easier to understand it and take care of it. Pampering your skin with the right products and tools is a never-go-in-vain task. With the technology advancing not only in the medical fields but also in the health and skincare field, we get tons of products online or offline to choose from. Let us help you with the best skincare tools available in the market and choose what is best for you. However, let us begin with the basics, the never-failing skincare secret. 

A basic CTM, known as Cleansing Toning Moisturizing, is what you need to set the base right for your skin to feel good from within. It is not only an old and popular technique but also an effective one. 

Cleansing: The first and foremost step that one should start skincare with is cleansing. Cleansing your skin from within and pores helps remove any extra oils or remaining dirt. There are thousands of skin cleansers available in the market and you need to understand your skin type before choosing the correct one. If you have acne-prone skin, avoid choosing a cleanser with oil in it. Please note, that using a face wash is a part of the cleansing process but not the whole cleansing process.

Toning: Toning goes just next to cleansing in your skincare regime, and isn’t time-consuming at all. Be careful when choosing the toner, and prefer choosing one with high water consumption. What toner does is remove extra sebum and tone the skin. 3-5 drops per use are enough to tone your skin. 

Moisturizing: The market will show you tons of moisturizers but you will have to be wise in choosing the one for you. Your skin is divided into three types mostly, they are dry, oily, and combination skin. You need to choose the moisturizer to comply with your skin type. Do not skip this step when doing the CTM, as it is the most essential one. 

Technology transforms the way we live a little more each day in a way or two with some of the other innovative tech tools. A glitzy skincare device that assures clear and youthful skin is a big yes but they are pricey too, so the question that arises in our minds is if it works. Let us help you few such skincare tools and beauty tools in the market, to help you decide if it’s a yes or pass.

Tools for cleansing 

Washing your face twice a day can be a drag and we all agree to that. And it gets tricky when you need to get makeup off your face. Take your cleansing routine a step up and include the Proactive cleansing brush in your daily routine to get the amazing and clean skin you always dreamt of. A Proactive cleaning brush does not only gives a deep cleanse to your skin but also exfoliates your skin with its exfoliating bristles. It gives you smooth and soft skin. When looking for the perfect brush keep the below in mind

  • Look for one with non-porous silicone bristles 
  • Multiple settings for the different skin types.
  • Easy to clean bristles. 


Tools for Brightening and Anti-Aging

Struggle with fine lines and dull skin with the increasing day-to-day work and pressure is not new to hear. Studies show that LED lights are capable to treat a series of skin-related issues in just ten minutes a day. Each light has a different significance like the yellow light decreases inflammation and also works on sore muscles, the blue reduces acne, while red stimulates collagen production. Dr. Dennis Gross skincare came up with a mask that can be used while Netflixing and chilling. It is a hands-free mask. 


If you do not want to go overboard with your expenses and still want to try the LED therapy, then Neutrogena offers an affordable option. This small device by Neutrogena uses blue and red light therapy. You just need to place the light in the target area for two minutes to kill the bacteria and calm the infection. 

Best Tools for Pore Retexturizing 

Want to get rid of the blackheads but do not want any pores to be left behind? Look for the two-in-one sonic extractor from Dermaflash. It pulls out the blackheads and pushes serum into the skin to close the pores behind. While Glopro, a micro-needling tool, stimulates cellular turnover and collagen production.

Pore Retexturizing

Tools for Puffiness

Late-night working schedules, last-minute deadlines, and last-minute party calls might contribute towards less sleep resulting in puffy eyes and Gua Sha is the perfect tool to go to cure them. Gua Sha is directly translated to “scraping.” It is a Chinese tool that increases blood flow, improves complexion irregularities, drains the lymphatic system.


Tools for Inflammation

Ice therapy with these modern tools is to fight redness, reduce inflammation, and also take down puffiness to an extent. Aceology’s globe massagers and, Stackedskin’s stainless steel solution can give you an Ice therapy to fight the instant redness. These tools are designed to be kept in the freezer before use.


Best Tools for Sculpting

Hollywood’s going gaga over the idea of sculpting and facial toning and you are good to try your hands on them as well. It does more than just toning, it contours cheekbones, massage heavy eyebrows, and lift jawlines. Many sculpting tools in the market promote and boosts circulation to give you perfectly sculpted skin. Choose wisely. 

Makeup and accessories 

  • Beautyblender, the original makeup sponge: Among all the sponges that exist, beauty bloggers swear to Beautyblender’s makeup sponge to be supreme. This sponge will work effortlessly on your skin to blend liquid highlighters, foundations, and much more. The best part is, it is reusable and so your money is all well spent.
  • Boxall’s Rotating Makeup Organizer: If owning an organizer is equally important to you as the products to keep in it then go for the Boxalls Rotating Makeup Organizer. This is your one-stop solution for all the make-up brushes to skincare products. 
  • Chella Heated Eyelash Curler: The traditional metal curlers have been around more than they should and it is now high time we adapt to the changes. A hot curling iron is any day better than simply pressing rollers for your hair, similarly, the heated eye curler is the best solution for your lasting curl. However one needs to be careful when using it. 

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