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Volume – Total Space Occupied by a Three-Dimensional Shape

We come across many shapes every day. Every shape is unique in itself because of its shape and size. Mostly the shapes encountered by us are three-dimensional. Such as spheres and cubes but two-dimensional ones are also not so rare. All the students are made to study a lot of different shapes, and different ways of calculating their area, perimeter. One important thing to note about two-dimensional shapes is that they don’t have any volume. Volume can be calculated only for three-dimensional bodies or shapes. Every student should know how to calculate the area, volume, and perimeter of any shape. These are the basic information that one should be able to calculate about specific shapes. There are many shapes all around us. We are going to discuss how to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism and a triangular prism. 

The Volume of a Rectangular Prism

The first thing that we look after, in any shape is the number of corners, edges, and faces. A rectangular prism is a three-dimensional shape, that consists of a total of eight corners, six faces, and twelve numbers of sides. One should know that volume can be found, only for those shapes that are three-dimensional. Hence, a rectangular prism is a three-dimensional shape. Every two faces that are opposite to each other in a rectangular prism are congruent. An important thing to note about this shape is that its base and top are always in the shape of a rectangle. 

The most important thing to calculate of a three-dimensional body is the volume of that shape. The volume of a rectangular prism is very easy to find. To calculate the volume of this shape, one needs to know the area of the base, and that can be calculated by using the formula for the area of a rectangle. Once a person knows the area of the base, then one just needs to multiply the height of the prism with the area found and one will be able to find the volume of the rectangular prism. Let the base be denoted by b, length by l, and height by h if a rectangular prism. Then according to the above-discussed method, volume is given by multiplying all three quantities. That is, the required volume is given by l*w*h. 

The Volume of a Triangular Prism

This shape consists of two triangular bases and a total of three rectangular sides. In a triangular prism, there are a total of six corners present, the total number of edges is equal to nine, and five faces are there. The volume of a triangular prism directly gives us the space occupied by it. The volume of this shape is not hard to find. Volume can be obtained from a triangular prism by conducting a multiplication of the area of its base with the prism’s height. One crucial point that needs to be kept in mind while calculating the volume is the type of base triangle. The area of the base triangle is calculated according to the formula of that particular triangle. If the base is an equilateral triangle, then the formula of area for the equilateral triangle should be used. Similarly, if the base is of any other type, then the formula for that triangle should be used and multiplied by the height of the prism at the end to get the volume.

Every student needs to understand and calculate the volume of a rectangular and the volume of a triangular prism. In the above article, we have tried to explain it effectively to students about both the shapes and the calculation of their volume. These concepts are something that is not only useful in our academics but we use them throughout our life. Hence students should understand them properly. If anyone faces any problem in learning and understanding the concepts related to mathematics then they should take help from Cuemath. Cuemath has already done wonders in the field of teaching mathematics topics. Their methods and way of explaining the concepts are unique. Students can learn from them and clear their doubts related to any topic of mathematics. 

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