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6 Tips for Evaluating Auto Shipping Companies

Most people don’t care much about auto shipping until they find themselves needing its services. If you require such services, the safety of your car is at the forefront of your mind. Your main concern is finding the right shipping company that will deliver your car not only on time but also in good condition. 

There are many car shipping companies, and finding the right one requires you to consider multiple factors. Some of the main factors you should consider when choosing an auto shipping company include:


Every business advertises that they are the best in the industry. Thanks to the internet, however, you can now access outside information about different auto shipping companies, including reading reviews about their competence. 

Be aware that some companies may produce fake customer reviews to promote their business. Don’t fully rely on online reviews about the reputation of a company. Additionally, ask your close family and friends to give recommendations. 

Pick-up and Drop-off Options

Choose a car shipping company that will deliver your car to your preferred destination. Some companies have drop-off centers that may not be located near your location. This means that you may have to spend extra time and cash to get all the way to the drop-off center to pick your car. 

It is also important to find out from the car shipping company if they will charge you extra for picking the car from its location and dropping it off at your preferred location. This way, you will evaluate if the extra costs will fit within your budget. 

Time of Delivery

When choosing an auto shipping company, find out about their turnaround time when it comes to delivery. Reputable car shipping companies provide a window of time for how long it will take to load and deliver your car. 

Don’t forget to inquire about what methods the car shipping company uses to transport their cargo. The general shipping time includes:

  • One to three days to cover up to 500 miles.
  • Two to four days to cover 500-1000 miles.
  • Three to five days to cover 1000-1500 miles.
  • Four to seven days to cover 1500-2000 miles.
  • Six to 14 days to cover over 2500 miles.

Knowing how long it is going to take will help you to prepare for its delivery. Remember that unforeseen circumstances may cause your shipment to delay. So, you need to be patient as well.

Tracking System

Choosing a car shipping company that offers a tracking system gives you an added advantage. Knowing where your car is at all times while on transit will give you peace of mind. Also, you will be aware of any delays in real-time. Car shipping companies that offer tracking services often charge more for this feature, but having a tracking system is worth the price. 

Licensing, Insurance, and Bonding

The key factor you should consider before hiring a car shipping company is whether the company does everything it can to alleviate risks. Check that the company is insured, licensed, and bonded. That way, you will be legally covered in the case of an accident or any damage to your car.


The safety of your car is the most important factor when transporting it. When choosing a car shipping company, make sure that it has a damage analysis protocol in place to ensure its client’s cargo reaches its destination safely. 

On your part, ensure that your car is in good order and has enough fuel before handing it over to the carriers. In case the car is going to the company with any defects, make sure you note that in the shipping form beforehand. Take photos of the interior and exterior of your car as proof. Reputable car shipping companies will use the filled-out form during delivery to ensure everything is in order. In case of damage, you can then get compensation smoothly. 

Freight Methods

Car shipping companies have two main ways of transporting their cargo: open carrier and enclosed carrier methods. As the term suggests, the open carrier method is when cars are transported while exposed to the elements. On the other hand, the enclosed carrier method is where vehicles are transported in an enclosed unit. The method most recommended is the enclosed carrier because of the guarantee of protection and security it offers, albeit at a higher price. 

Ensure you gather all the facts about these two methods to decide which one works for you best.


Using a car shipping company is cheaper and more convenient than driving your car hundreds of miles to your destination, but when you scout for companies, make sure you choose a reputable one.

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