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Best Data Recovery Tool in 2021: iBatsoft

Losing files is a dreadful feeling, but it does happen. Anyway, retrieving deleted files becomes relatively more straightforward nowadays; there is no need to seek a remote or local data recovery studio to recover the files; here, a data recovery program comes into the picture. 

There are several data recovery programs available that can help you retrieve your lost files. One of the most valuable tools available on the internet is iBatsoft Data Recovery. This article will provide some information if you are questioning whether or not iBatsoft works. Have you ever thought that you could restore all of your lost data with a single click? If not, then scroll below, and you’ll find out how to do it. 

What is iBatsoft Data Recovery?

iBatsoft Data Recovery is a tool for recovering lost and deleted files from (PC & Mac), external hard drives, SD cards, iPhones, smartphones, and other types of storage devices. iBatsoft Data Recovery is available in two versions: iBatsoft Data Recovery for Windows and iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac. It recovers files in two parts, similar to many other data recovery tools: scanning and recovering.

iBatsoft was inspired by the tale of CEO Alex, who lost his data from an external hard drive and wished to recover it. He tried some software programs and discovered that just a portion of the data could be restored. As a result, Alex decided to develop his own tool to save as much data as possible. He did it and was successful. Later, he shared the tool via the internet after seeing that many individuals require data recovery services. 

In this scenario, he founded iBatsoft, working tirelessly to update data recovery software using cutting-edge technologies to assist users in recovering data.

Recover Files Easily In Every Scenario

Apart from recovering deleted files from Windows PCs and external hard drives, iBatsoft Data Recovery allows users to recover files lost in various scenarios and recover inaccessible files, effectively covering almost all situations encountered by users.

  • Drive Formatting
  • Volume Problem
  • Intentional/Accidental Deletion
  • Device Inaccessible
  • Other Reasons

Why iBatsoft Data Recovery?

iBatsoft Data Recovery was created by following the rule of seeking lost files, retrieving them, and also, being equipped with the most contemporary data recovery technology. As a result, it can restore files no matter how they were lost.

  • Safe & Secure: The Data Recovery tools for lost or deleted files on Mac/Windows or external hard drives while never gathering any user’s personal information. It is virus-free and self-contained; no other software or tools are required to perform data recovery. It is safe to use to recover files from Mac/Windows and external hard drives.
  • Efficiently: The data recovery software may recover data from any hard disk connected to the device, including unreadable, unmounted, formatted, encrypted, corrupted, and even broken hard drives. It is a data recovery program that saves your data when your external hard disk fails.
  • 2 Scan modes: To analyze each sector for data recovery, two recovery modes (Quick Scan and Deep Scan) are available. Quick Scan recovers deleted files from hard drives quickly, avoiding data overwriting difficulties. And Deep Scan searches the hard drive for lost files in every available location, resulting in more files for users to preview and restore.

How to recover lost files using iBatsoft Data Recovery

iBatsoft Data Recovery is the most basic data recovery software available, with built-in streamlined navigation that allows users to recover lost or deleted files in three simple steps. Although it is the most basic data recovery method, it is also the most professional. It is built using the most advanced data recovery technology and is continually updated with the most recent technology.

Step 1: Download and install the iBatsoft data recovery software on your Windows/Mac.

Step 2: Next, select the drive where you lost files and press “Scan,” allowing the Data Recovery tool to do its work.

iBatsoft scan files

Step 3: After the scan, all scanned files are organized into categories. You can preview files by selecting them. When you find the desired files, pick them and click “Save” to restore them to your computer. Save them to a different folder/drive to avoid data loss or damage.

iBatsoft recovers files

iBatsoft Data Recovery Cost

 iBatsoft Data Recovery offers 3 editions: 

  • Yearly License: It costs $39.99 per year and includes one license of the Data Recovery software.
  • Lifetime License: It costs $49.99 per year and includes one personal license for one device.
  • Family License: It costs $89.99 per year and includes a lifetime license for 2-5 devices to recover lost or deleted files from various devices.


iBatsoft Data Recovery stands out in the market for data recovery software significantly, providing a solution that covers both Mac and Windows, and excels above all for its speed and ease of recovering lost data when other comparable programs usually fail.

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