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7 Most Amazing Emerging Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are changing with the variance in technology and they have to be customized as they change with the passage of time. So we have gathered for you the 7 best marketing trends used by the Best marketing agency that will help you to promote your eCommerce websites or stores. These trends are also verified by Shopify Pro.

The Trend of Influencer Marketing:

Micro-influencers are appearing on the global side of the world. They build the trust of people in a particular brand or a product by using it themselves and generating reviews so that people may take ideas from them. These influencers are using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to make videos of different types to showcase how they feel about the product. This trend has changed the thinking of people and now they wait to see reviews of such influencers who are active public figures on social media platforms.

But do not rely on the reviews of influencers completely as some of them do partnerships with different brands and receive remuneration for endorsement of their product or brand.

Email Marketing Trend:

2022 is said to be the year of email marketing. People have been considering it as a dormant and obsolete form of marketing but they are now changing their opinions about it. People from all age groups have mobile phones in their hands every time and hence have an email id. They intentionally or unintentionally open the emails sent by different brands and companies. By this half of the content is skimmed and scanned by them. So there’s a chance that traffic will be derived to a website by this trend

This also helps in engaging the audience and increases the return on investment as they have a call to action button visible and ready to be clicked in it.

UGC Trend of Marketing

UGC stands for User Generated Content. It is one of the newly introduced marketing trends this year. This helps in humanizing a brand or a product. It will allow you to listen to reviews of real audiences and not micro-influencers. In case the response is positive, it will attract more and more people to use the product and its promotion will increase.

The only thing that you will do in user-generated content is to plan the ways in which you will market the reality-based experienced stories of people. To make it happen definitely you will have to polish your basic marketing skills so that you can spread the content.

Community-based Marketing Trend:

Imagine promoting Apple mobile phones to the people who work on daily wages as laborers in a building. Entirely wrong choice!

By this, we can understand the importance of community-based marketing. People do not have time to waste on promoting their product or brand or even a website to those who do not belong to a community who might use it. Try to identify the people that you want to target and sell your product. This is not as easy as shooting an arrow in the dark. A great deal of effort is required to collect different people in a single place with the same interest and then form their community to do your marketing. This trend is projected to save your time and efforts that are put in by you to sell and promote your products.

The Trend of Using Voice Search

When you have Alexa and Siri installed in your houses, how can you ignore voice automation? People save themselves from lengthy typing and texting trends and have moved towards voice search options. According to research conducted by Review42, about 55 percent of teenagers are now using voice search in their daily routine.

Google itself has the option of voice search that has given a chance to the oldies, who are unable to type, to enjoy using the technological gadgets in a similar way youngsters do. It is also projected that in next year even shopping brands and websites are also going to introduce this feature. So this is a multi-million making opportunity for all those who are involved in the eCommerce business

The Trend of Using Chatbots

They are used to keep visitors involved in your site. This is based on artificial intelligence as it sends automated messages quickly to those who just visit a site. Some of the websites have real human beings sitting at the back to answer the queries of people and guide them. Whereas many of the businesses have set automated answers against some common questions that are asked by visitors.

In case of an unidentified question, the option to call appears so that the visitor does not realize to whom he has been talking. Chatbots help businesses to mature leads and earn profit. They also help businesses to analyze the interest of the people and to look for the things they intend to purchase or go for.

The Trend of Personalization:

This is the most amazing marketing trend that is projected to bring you a bulk of profits in upcoming years. People prefer personalization because they want to feel recognized, respected, and distinguishable. The Internet tracks your usage and closely notices what you search for. It will show you advertisements and suggestions related to your previous searches.

You can take the example of Netflix here. If you are interested in watching animated movies as per your search history, chances are the recommended movies for you will be the same ones. Even though you will be notified about any of the new animated movies to keep you tight with the website.


So, to conclude the discussion, it will not be wrong to say that more and more of these trends will come your way as time passes. Your task will be to recognize and choose the best strategy and adapt it so that you are able to earn more profits as compared to the previous years. The key here to success is to be brave and take risks because it is obvious when you choose to implement a new marketing trend,  chances of failure are very likely visible. You need to keep all those fears aside and keep yourself focused on the marketing strategies that we have compiled for you above.

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