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Peacock TV- A New Competitor For The OTT Platforms


Peacock TV streaming service is yet another one of the most popular OTT streaming platforms, owned by the famous NBC universal. The big news is that NBC Universal’s very own streaming service has been made available on all Roku devices since early this year. For people who haven’t yet heard of the streaming service, Peacock features the best of NBC Universal’s television shows, web originals, movies, news programs, and live sports. Peacock made its debut for Flex Customers and XinfinityX1 based on an early trial as early as April. However, it was officially launched for everyone on the 15th of July. 

Peacock offers its free plan to all its consumers which entails a limited catalog of channels. Ads are run on the base plan at about five minutes per hour maximum. Even the premium plan runs commercials because the platform is relatively new and needs all the funding it can garner from any and every possible advertisement. However, to avoid commercials totally, consumers could opt for the premium plus plan. The Peacock Premium plan comes for 4.99 USD per month and 49.99 USD per year. The Peacock Premium Plus plan however is priced at 9.99 USD per month and 99.99 USD per year. Apart from the difference in commercials run in each plan, the number of shows and movies also amplifies manifold as per the upgrade in plans.

The launch of the Peacock TV app:

NBC Universal’s mother company, Comcast launched Peacock officially on the 15th of July. all of the premium and free versions were made available to its consumers since then. However, some of the consumers who availed Comcast internet services or were consumers of certain cable television services had access to Peacock since April. Peacock runs a plethora of NBC’s television shows on its platform alongside the movies of Universal films. All of this is made available to the consumers of Peacock at no cost. However, if someone wishes to view more than just NBC content, they could easily opt for the premium plans. The initial plan was to launch Peacock during the time of the Olympic games of 2020 so that people could have the option of live streaming the magnanimous event. However, owing to pandemic restrictions, the event had to be postponed and that ruined the initial launch plans for Peacock. This did not deter the CEO of Peacock at all, and he made sure that the streaming service was launched in 2020 as per its planned schedule.

What is Peacock TV?

The very first question that could crop up in the minds of the readers – Is Peacock TV free? As mentioned earlier, Peacock is a streaming TV service app that offers three plans as per the customer requirements- the base plan which provides limited content at no cost and runs with commercials, the premium plan which provides more content but still comes with ads, and the premium plus plan which comes with a wide array of TV shows, movies, live matches and much more and has the perks of no interruptions in the form of advertisements. The content available on Peacock can be viewed based on special streaming or just video-on-demand, all of which are categorized according to franchises and genres. 

What kind of content is available on Peacock TV?

Peacock streaming service provides its customers with a lineup of about twenty-five digitally linear channels which are curated based on long-form content as well as short-form digital-oriented programs. It not only hosts content from its parent source NBC Universals, but also other third-party OTT service providers. The primary goal of Peacock TV was to emulate the viewing experience of a traditional broadcast program for its audience. Peacock’s collection of movies strike a fine balance between old-time classics and new original content. It features oldies like Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show which features Jimmy Fallon, and all-time favorite shows like Parks and Recreation and The Office. Peacock acquired the rights to stream Netflix’s favorite ‘The Office’ only from January 2021.was It has also acquired the rights to run classics like Will and Grace and the absolute fan-favorite Law and Order. Peacock also offers the movies under Universal films banners like the perennially popular Harry Potter series or maybe the Fast and Furious franchise. It also hosts classics like Jurassic Park alongside a lot of other newer and original movies. Peacock has attempted to sign Kevin Hart and Tina Fey’s new original series. An original based on the popular book ‘brave new world’ has been adapted into a show and is telecasted on the Peacock streaming service as well. Peacock also streams informative as well as exclusive documentaries like Lost Speedways and Dale Earnhand Jr.

On what devices is Peacock TV available?

Peacock was made available on all iOS featured Apple devices in May. therefore it is available on every iOS-powered device as well as the Apple TV. It was launched for Playstation 4 in the month of July, in 2020. Peacock was made available on every Samsung Smart TV. in June again, Peacock was also made available on Amazon Fire tablets and of course, the Amazon Fire TV. In the month of September, NBC Universal and Roku collaborated to reach an agreement that they would allow Peacock’s streaming services n their platforms after there had been an elaborate dispute over revenue sharing. Therefore, if a list is to be made, Peacock is streamed on the smart televisions from Apple, LG, Amazon, Samsung; it can also be streamed from all iOS and Android-powered devices which lets one download the Peacock TV app; it can be streamed on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and also on Roku and Vizio.


Peacock TV is the new OTT platform for users to look forward to after the more popular streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu TV, and others. Peacock, or rather, NBC Universal made a smart move in retrieving the rights for NBC original shows and fan favorites like The Office or Parks and Recreations from rival streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, which would automatically be considered as a ploy to create a faithful consumer base. Peacock TV is then, definitely a worthwhile investment for cinephiles.

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