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How to Replace a Custom Air Filter

Air filters for HVAC units and furnaces need to be changed often to ensure the systems perform efficiently. For those homeowners who own units that require a non-standard size filter, this can be cumbersome. Below are some tips regarding purchasing and replacing custom air filters. 

Using in Incorrect Filter

Using the incorrect filter can cause problems immediately, and prolonged use can cause severe problems in the future. For this reason, many people want custom air filters. Below are a few of the main reasons to ensure the correct filter is used. 

  • Poor air quality. When the incorrect size filter is used, dust, dander, and other pollutants can get into the home’s air. These pollutants can cause allergies and other problems for the residents of the house. Ensuring that the HVAC unit filter is the correct size will help to eliminate this problem.
  • Inefficiency. The wrong filter can cause the unit to work harder, which translates into more energy being used. This increase in usage will result in rising utility bills.
  • HVAC repairs. Repairs to an HVAC unit can be costly and inconvenient. Wrong filters will cause the main mechanical devices to be overworked and create unnecessary wear and tear. When these components break down, a professional will have to be used for repairs, costing the homeowner a substantial amount of money.

Knowing the Correct Size

Most air filters will list the measurements on the side of the product. However, there are times when it is not listed, or the printing is not legible. Therefore, owners must understand how to measure to ensure the replacement filter is the correct size. To ensure accurate measurements are taken, three easy steps can be followed.

  • First, measure length and width. Many filters are a square shape so the length and width will be the same. However, if the filter is not square, the smaller number will go first.
  • Second, measure the depth. The depth is also called the thickness of the filter. This can be measured by laying the filter flat on the ground and measuring up.
  • Third, put all of the numbers together in the order Length x Width x Depth

Once all three steps have been completed, the correct size filter can be purchased. 

Purpose of Custom Air Filter

The purpose of an air filter is to maintain the optimal air quality in a home. In conjunction with that, they are also used to prevent pollutants and debris from accumulating on the fan motor in the HVAC unit. If the filter is dirty or incompatible with the unit, it will cause harm to the unit and the inhabitants of the home. In addition, by circulating low-quality air throughout the house, the residents can become ill and uncomfortable.

This is where a custom air filter can cause the most significant benefit. Once the size is determined, the correct filter can be inserted and replaced as needed to keep the home’s air clean and at the desired temperature. 

Air filters are easily forgotten until a problem occurs. It is necessary to have the correct air filter to keep a home heating and cooling system running smoothly providing clean air. Once a homeowner has determined the proper filter to use and changes it as required, the system will last much longer with fewer needed repairs. 

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