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A Guide To Finding A Job When You’re An Introvert

When it comes to personalities, people are basically placed in two categories: extrovert or introvert. Of course, some people are more introverted or extroverted than others but generally speaking, each of us falls more predominantly into one category or the other. Both personality types are fine and tend to balance each other out.

For people who are very introverted though, this can present problems on a number of levels; particularly when trying to either find a job or hold down a job. Introverts are not as comfortable dealing with people as extroverts are and those who are majorly introverted may be shy or simply prefer to keep to themselves more often than not.

Let’s look at some tips on getting a job when you’re an introvert, along with possible jobs for introverts.

Go After Jobs That Favour Your Strengths

Introverts have the ability to be team players and collaborators as well as being very good at working autonomously. This is a skill that many extroverts don’t possess in high measures as an extrovert doesn’t really enjoy working alone for lengthy periods and is, therefore, more restricted to “team” scenarios rather than working autonomously.

This is just one advantage an introvert has and, as individuals, everyone will have a variety of strengths, skills, and talents to offer their employer and the job role.

Work out what your positives and strengths are and then target jobs that need the kind of person you are.

Look for clues in job ads to determine if they would be a good fit for you. If you’re an introvert who doesn’t mind dealing with customers and the general public some of the time but not constantly, then perhaps a sales position or something of that nature wouldn’t really suit you. That’s just one example. 

Emphasize Your Strengths In All Correspondence

When applying for jobs, sending out emails, or writing cover letters, be sure to place emphasis on your individual strengths, along with any relevant qualifications or past experience. Many introverts have great attention to detail and can focus on a specific task for long periods of time. These are just two examples, but be sure to place emphasis on things like this when corresponding with a potential employer.

Specify that you can work well independently and as part of a team. Make a note of anything that will portray you in a positive light to the employer and for the available position. 

How To Handle the Job Interview Phase

Job interviews for introverts can be particularly challenging, as many introverts tend to be very self-conscious. It’s important to enter an interview and not overly monitor yourself and your behavior, as this will appear stiff and unnatural and you could end up exuding what appears to be a lack of self-confidence.

One way to improve your interview skills and persona is to practice the interview before attending the real job interview. Sit down with a friend or relative and have them be the interviewer. You can then go through a mock interview and practice things like answering questions, speaking with confidence, paying attention to your body language, and learning how to answer unexpected or unusual questions without getting uncomfortable.

It’s also a wise idea to come up with some questions to ask at the interview. This not only balances out the dynamic of the interview and reverses the spotlight, but asking questions also makes you appear more interested in the job.

Possible Jobs and Industries for Introverts

So, what are some goods jobs that would suit someone with an introverted personality?

There are actually many possible positions, even for people who are deeply introverted. It really depends on your own personal preferences, what you’re confident doing and how introverted you might be. Let’s just list a few potential options very quickly:

  • Content manager
  • Account manager
  • Landscape designer
  • Editor
  • Chef
  • IT specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Computer programmer
  • Motor mechanic
  • Librarian
  • Social media manager
  • Researcher
  • Writer
  • And loads more job options…

To define what roles would suit you, make a list of potential jobs or search for ideas online.

In Conclusion

There is nothing wrong with or negative about being introverted and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t find a job you’re suited to. Introverts possess many positive character traits that make them more suited to certain job roles than extroverts.

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