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The Latest Airfare Hack: Booking Flights From Another Country With A VPN

When it comes to air travel, frequent travel can be harmful. Finding a price that does not eat up a large portion of your travel budget, even with discounts, holidays, and special deals is a difficult task.

Living in a wealthy country makes things even more complicated. Online price discrimination is a common tactic used by airlines to make money off of “wealthier” customers. The good news is that there is a fast and simple way to get cheap flights in 2021. 

All you need is a VPN. it won’t let them track your location while looking for cheaper airfares. VPN keeps on changing the IP addresses but If you turn the VPN on a mobile device or a laptop. It drains the battery speedily and heats up the devices. 

You had better use a VPN router that has a VPN layer installed on a router. You can easily look for the cheapest airfares again and again without worrying about the expensive airfare. It’s legal to buy airfare online using a VPN.

How your Location is Tracked by Airline Websites?

To begin with, you must accept that airline companies increase their prices based on the location of a prospective customer’s home.

This means that a person living in England and a person living in the USA may pay different prices for the exact same flight.

The answer is pretty simple: airlines use dynamic pricing to make more money off the citizens of developed (richer) countries and to keep their service affordable for citizens of developing countries.

So that dynamic pricing can work, airlines use the following methods to track your location:

1. Cookies

To determine if you’ve recently searched for a particular flight several times, travel and flight companies analyze your browser cookies and you’ll be charged more for a flight based on your online behavior.

2. IP Address Tracking

Consider your IP address to be like a passport in the online world: it tells websites who you are and where you are.

Most websites check your IP address when you’re trying to book a flight to determine how much a ticket will cost depending on your physical location.

3. Mobile Tracking

Today’s smartphones and tablets have GPS capabilities that allow you to pinpoint your exact location.

Your location will be tracked by airlines and travel companies if you’re using a mobile device to browse websites.

4. HTML5 Geo-Location Coding

Even on a personal computer, HTML5-based websites can track your location.

5. Wi-Fi Tracking

You can also monitor your location on airline and travel websites if you allow them to read the Wi-Fi connection you’re connected to.

All of these factors contribute to the possibility of overpaying for airline tickets.

Even if you both use the same airline and book the same flight on the same date, someone in a different part of the world using a different currency will pay less.

How To To Save Money On Flights With A VPN

VPN allows you to change your IP address and search for tickets anonymously, as if you were in another country, without disclosing your true location on the internet.

To find cheap airline tickets, follow these steps:

  • First, look for flight deals on websites without using a VPN.
  • Bookmark the pages that contain the flights you’re interested in taking and make a note of the prices.
  • Connect to a VPN server from a different country.
  • Using a different browser and open an incognito window mode.
  • You can also search for flights by copying the URLs of pages you’ve bookmarked.
  • Then, compare pricing and shop around until you find the best deal.

The Best Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

What are the actual methods for getting cheap flights using a VPN or even without a VPN?

1. Change your IP address to one from a low-income nation

  • If you want to change your IP address, use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Examine how the prices fluctuate.
  • If your IP address is from a low-income country, websites will usually display reduced prices.
  • People living in low-income countries may not be able to afford the same price for a ticket as people can do in the UK.

2. Change your IP to the country where you’re going to be.

Employing a VPN server in your destination country is another way to save on airfare. It’s common to see a noticeable decrease in ticket prices after this.

3. Change your IP address to the airline’s country of origin.

Flight prices can also be lowered by changing your IP to the airline’s country of origin. It doesn’t matter if prices don’t drop dramatically; even a small amount of money saved can add up over time.

4. Alternate your IP address to avoid price spikes

Web sites often increase prices based on your online behavior, as we’ve already mentioned in the past paragraph. It’s possible that the cost of a ticket increases over time if you repeatedly search for the same flight without changing your IP address.

To avoid price spikes, you can connect to any VPN server you like, even if it’s in your own country. Then, all you have to do is go back to the website you visited and you’ll see that the prices are back to normal.

5. Delete all of your browser’s cookies

Websites use cookies, which contain information about your online activities, to increase flight prices, as you may already be aware of. Clearing your cookies and browsing history can help you get the prices you’re looking for.

A website reading your location information from another source, such as your WiFi, may be able to use this technique, but there is no guarantee. A VPN may also be an option to consider if this trick fails.

6. Use Google Flights to find cheap flights

Find the best deals based on your travel dates with a platform like Google Flights. As long as you choose your dates wisely, you can buy tickets on Google Flights for a reasonable price. That’s why we’ve created a calendar that shows you which days of the month have the cheapest flight prices.

7. Use international versions of websites

Depending on which version of a website you use, the price may be different. Consider switching between different regional versions of a website as an example.

If you’re in a particular country, some websites will force-redirect you there instead of a different version of the same website.

As a result, they are able to see your IP address, and you must use a VPN in order to hide it.

8. Plan your travels ahead

Although it has nothing to do with VPN use, it is a good idea to plan your trips in advance. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re probably aware that booking your flight at the right time can save you a lot of money.

The cheapest days to fly domestically in the United States are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Flying during off-peak hours will also save you money.

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