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5 Productivity Tips For Managing Logistics

Are you managing logistics? Are you and your team exploring remote working or hybrid arrangements? Working from home or in a hybrid setup has its own challenges and rewards. Many organizations are exploring ways to offer employees freedom of choice about their work setting. 

As leaders, managers, and employees in new working arrangements, it’s important to lock down the basics. Here are 5 top tips to help you manage logistics from wherever you work and be highly productive. 

Assess Your Current Tools

Do you and your team have all the online collaboration tools you need to be efficient? Every organization offers different technology solutions, training, and input. Make use of all the resources your company offers. Ask your internal IT team to assist with issues that arise – from Internet Browser speed to specific software.

While you investigate in-house tools, also look for cloud-based options. You may already use Slack for collaborating with your co-workers. Zoom is your new best friend. Cloud-based tools simplify remote working. Plus, these are often less expensive than a proprietary program. Explore the best tools for your remote and hybrid team.

Evaluate Your Home Office Set-Up

In most homes, there are natural locations that offer privacy, focus, and space. These rooms are where you can set up a functional home office. Keep in mind that multi-use rooms are not ideal for a home office. The kitchen table, the living room couch, or family game rooms are not ideal to set up an office. Too many people and activities occur in these rooms, making it difficult to manage the flow of your work activities.

Instead, look for the spot where you can focus, close the door, and get your work done. Also, look for areas with good lighting, access to the internet, and a desk. With these basic requirements in place, you can get going with the work you have on hand.

Consult Outside Experts

With more businesses working virtually, organizations are looking at ways to best utilize outside expertise. Let’s look at how consulting can help you manage complex logistics. For instance, while working remotely, you’re handling a boatload of details. You’re always dealing with vendors, partners, and suppliers. With all the changes in business, you’re concerned that you could be overspending. Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re getting the best shipping prices from your partners. 

Are you sweating and working in a silo? If so, it’s time to take a fresh approach. Take advantage of logistics consulting to find out how your numbers compare with industry standards. An outside expert can help you with assessment, negotiation, and monitoring performance—all leading to substantial savings on annual shipping costs. Get outside input to ensure that you are cutting costs and spending smarter.

Communicate With Your Team

Remote working requires a different sensitivity and skill. This often shows up in how you communicate with your team. For instance, you may be used to popping into your boss’s office for a quick chat. However, due to remote or hybrid arrangements, you now need to make a formal appointment. Many teams find that creativity suffers when you rely exclusively on formal meetings. 

If you’re noticing that working with your remote team requires a different approach, get into gear. Read up on how to manage a team remotely. Take training so you can use the best practices to help everyone feel included. Organize group check-ins on technology, projects, and client updates. 

Invest In Yourself

If you’ve been managing logistics remotely, you know that the boundaries are blurred. It’s not easy to stop a workday when the computer is staring at you 24/7. Experts in remote working advise creating boundaries between professional and private life. 

  • Change your clothes to work attire- Put on a professional outfit to get in the mood for work.
  • Create a fake commute- This may be riding a bike around the block, taking a walk, or getting in the car to pick up a coffee. Establish a commute-like ritual to mark the beginning and end of the workday.
  • Meet up with work colleagues- It’s too easy to feel isolated and lonely when you’re working remotely. Make sure you have virtual or physical times to connect with peers.
  • Focus on work and take breaks- Give yourself coffee breaks and exercise breaks. Find a time to work and a time to refresh.

Sum Up

Use these tips to stay energized and motivated. When you take charge of your habits and environment, it’s easier to enjoy your work and boost your productivity.

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