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Modest iPhone 13 updates pave way for bigger iPhone 14 changes in 2022

According to Bloomberg News, as compared with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is no major upgrade in iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the changes that will come into effect in this new iPhone Pro Max will keep Apple on the top for a few more years, at least till the time significant changes are introduced further in the model. 

As per Bloomberg News, there are three notable changes in iPhone 13 Pro Max as compared to the predecessor model. One of the changes includes a ProMotion screen with the ability to reach 120-hertz frame rates, the second is the upgraded camera system, and the third one is a better battery. 

Bloomberg News also reports that the brighter screen, A15 chip, and 20% smaller notch present at the top do not appear to be a major upgrade now. According to analysts, Pro Motion is one of the noticeable upgrades. 

Navigating through the home screens, scrolling, and app launching are also a day-night change, but most believe that Apple has taken so long to bring about the changes. Devices running on Android OS ‘ve had these higher frame rates for several years now and iPad Pro made this feature popular at least 4 and a half years ago. But on the iPhone, the effect is awesome. The Photographic Styles and Cinematic modes are advanced filters. 

However, with the new features and as it appears, anyone using the iPhone 12 must not be advised to use iPhone 13 because the iPhone 12 user can do without the upgrade at the moment. This also means that the iPhone 13 is the best upgrade for anyone having an iPhone 11 or an earlier model.

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