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BlackRock Company Research Report

About the Company

BlackRock which was founded in 1988 by Larry Fink and Rob Kapito is a multinational American firm for investment management. It has its headquarter in Midtown Manhattan. The purpose of the firm is to help people experience financial well-being. BlackRock along with its clients contributes to a world that is more resilient and equitable. The firm addresses the need of its clients in 82 different languages and in 38 countries. They are investors who put the hard-earned money and savings of their clients to work globally. They constantly innovate to bring precision, transparency, and convenience to investing. BlackRock speaks out for inclusion, diversity, and equity, moreover, works to reduce its environmental footprint. At BlackRock, they believe they’re at their best when their employees connect their personal purpose to their professional purpose as well as the purpose of the firm. The firm contributes to inclusive economies, sustainable outcomes, investment access, and financial security.

They Serve

  • Families and individuals by helping them invest for retirement, new home, or education of children.
  • Financial advisors 
  • Non Profit and educational organizations 
  • Pension plans
  • Insurance companies
  • Government

BlackRock Principles

  • They are fiduciary to their clients:

The interest of the firm’s client is something that is prioritized. The fiduciary mindset is their identity bedrock that reflects the unbiased advice and integrity they provide to their clients.

  • They are one Blackrock:

They work collaboratively without conflicts. The firm has a diverse workforce and an equitable and inclusive work environment.

  • They are passionate about performance:

They are relentless and continuously reinvent & learn about technology, markets, and the world.

  • They take emotional ownership:

The clients of the firm trust the work and deliverables of the firm. They have a culture that is all about deep responsibility. 

  • They are committed to a better future:

They run their business responsibly and sustainably and focus on financial well-being. They are committed to making the future better.

Traded as


S&P 100 partner

S&P 500 partner

As of 2020, BlackRock had 16,500 employees worldwide.

Key People of Blackrock

  • Larry Fink: CEO and Chairman
  • Rob Kapito: President
  • Dalia Osman Blass: Head of External Affairs
  • Sandy Boss: Global Head of Investment Stewardship
  • Stephen Cohen: Head of Africa, Middle East, and Europe
  • Edwin N. Conway: Global Head of BlackRock Alternative Investors
  • Frank Cooper III: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Robert W. Fairbairn: Vice Chairman
  • Rob L. Goldstein: COO and Global Head of BlackRock Solutions
  • Ben Golub: Chief Risk Officer
  • Philipp Hildebrand: Vice Chairman
  • J. Richard Kushel: Head of the Portfolio Management Group
  • Rachel Lord: Chair and Head of Asia Pacific
  • Mark McCombe: Chief Client Officer
  • Christopher Meade: Chief Legal Officer
  • Manish Mehta: Global Head of Human Resources
  • Sudhir Nair: Global Head of the Aladdin Business
  • Salim Ramji: Global Head of iShares and Index Investments
  • Gary Shedlin: Chief Financial Officer
  • Martin Small: Head of U.S. Wealth Advisory
  • Derek Stein: Global Head of Technology & Operations
  • Mark K. Wiedman: Head of International and Corporate Strategy

Global Presence of Blackrock

1. North America

Wilmington, Washington, Toronto, Seattle, Santiago de los Caballeros, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Princeton, Ponte Vedra Beach, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Palo Alto, Newport Beach, New York, Montreal, Miami, Mexico City, Houston, Greenwich, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, Boca Raton, Boston, Bloomfield Hills, Atlanta

2. South America

São Paulo, Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogotá

3. Europe

Zurich, Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, Munich, Milan, Madrid, Luxembourg, London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Edinburgh, Dublin, Copenhagen, Budapest, Brussels, Belgrade, Athens, Amsterdam 

4. The Middle-East

Tel-Aviv, Riyadh, Dubai

5. Africa


6. Asia-Pacific

Tokyo, Taipei, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Mumbai, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Gurgaon, Brisbane, Beijing, Bengaluru

Divisions of Blackrock

  • iShares

This division was acquired in 2009 from Barclays and is the largest division of the firm. It has huge exchange-traded funds (ETF) which makes it the largest in the world and the U.S.

  • BlackRock Solutions

It is the risk management and analytical division of the firm which was launched in 2000. The division grew from the Aladdin System, Green Package, PAG, and AnSer. BRS serves the role of “process engineering” and in-house investment analytics department etc.

  • ESG Investing

The firm in 2017 expanded its sustainable investing and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)  presence with new products and staff in Europe and the USA for leading financial sector evolution in this regard.

Subsidaries of Blackrock

SOFOM ENR, Tlali Acero; S.A. de C.V.; Tennenbaum Capital Partners; LLC, SVOF/MM, LLC; Portfolio Administration & Management Ltd.; Phoenix Acquisition B.V.; Object Capital Technology, Inc.; MGPA Limited; Mercury Carry Company Ltd.; HLX Financial Holdings, LLC; Grosvenor Ventures Limited; Global Energy & Power Infrastructure Advisors LLC; eFront Ltd; Cachematrix Holdings, LLC; BR Acquisition Mexico S.A. de C.V.; BLK (Gallatin) Holdings, LLC; BFM Holdco, LLC; Beijing eFront Software Company Limited; BAA Holdings, LLC; Asia-Pacific Private Credit Opportunities Fund I (GenPar) Ltd.; AnalytX Software LLC; AnalytX LLC; 52nd Street Capital Advisors LLC; BlackRock Group Ltd; BlackRock Fund Advisors and BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. are the subsidiaries of Blackrock.

Finances of Blackrock

Finances BlackRock

World’s Most Admired Companies Year (2021)

Rankings BlackRock

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