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CarGuard Trevor Smith: Creating Great Customer Service

It doesn’t matter if it is a vehicle service contract company or a doctor’s office; how customers are treated will have a huge impact on the company. That is why creating a great customer service team is so important for success. 

Trevor Smith recognized this important fact a long time ago, which is why he built his vehicle service contract company around customer care. His goal is to make all CarGuard customers feel as important to the company as they truly are.

How is he doing this? CarGuard Trevor Smith utilizes customer care service skills and guidance provided by the PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) community. By implementing these tools into every part of the company, CarGuard is at the top of its game. 

CarGuard Trevor Smith and Customer Service

CarGuard Trevor Smith acknowledges how important great customer service is for his clients and the success of his business. He and the company believe that to keep CarGuard Administrations running smoothly and to sell as many vehicle service contracts as possible, the customer service provided by his team needs to be on-point.

It is simply common sense that customers will not return to a business that makes them uncomfortable or unhappy. 

Trevor Smith and his entire CarGuard team have made it their mission to give each and every customer that walks through the door great peace of mind, knowing they are in qualified hands. 

CarGuard Trevor Smith Services

CarGuard Trevor Smith provides the public with vehicle service contracts at affordable prices. These contracts are so crucial to anyone who owns a vehicle and relies on it daily. 

Every time a car breaks down, it leads to a bad day. Without proper coverage, that day just went from bad to worse. The concern can go from “ what do I do?” to “How can I afford these repairs?” in an instant.  Trevor Smith created his company to ease that burden.

What sets CarGuard Apart From the Others?

Many companies that provide vehicle service contracts provide their customers with detailed, hard-to-read contracts. CarGuard Trevor Smith makes the process straightforward and lays all the information out in easy-to-read contracts that offer less restricted or limited terms. 

Having a great relationship with each and every client from start to finish is a top priority in the CarGuard team. And that is why friendly customer care doesn’t stop after the paperwork is completed.

CarGuard Trevor Smith wanted to help people as quickly as possible, preventing them from missing work, school, special events, etc. That is why their protection plans provide first-day rentals. Just because your vehicle is stuck at the garage doesn’t mean you should be too.

Each plan also offers free tows and roadside assistance 24/7. Rest assured, you will not be stuck no matter what type of situation you are in.

CarGuard not only provides fantastic vehicle service contracts but also an array of excellent customer service to assure everyone who walks through the doors or calls in will be treated with the utmost respect.

All adjusters are professional mechanics with experience in the most important areas, providing you with correct information to help you choose the right plans.

Warranties vs. Vehicle Service Contracts

Many people confuse vehicle warranties with vehicle service contracts. However, there is a significant difference between the two.

Warranties are provided at the time you first purchase your vehicle, and the cost is included in the price you pay for the car. 

Most warranties cover maintenance and repairs to a vehicle with a lot of fine print and restrictions and only last for a specific amount of time or mileage when you are no longer covered.

Service protection programs are put in place by a third-party company that offers plans to keep your vehicle covered for as long as you need with separate payments. The service contracts, unlike warranties, can be designed specifically to your needs, and the cost will vary depending on the plan you choose.

Simply put, the service plan keeps you covered after your warranty is up and provides you services where the warranty lacks.

CarGuard Trevor Smith Supports PACE in 2021

PACE is a unique non-profit company that provides services to help businesses offer professional and reliable customer service care. 

Trevor Smith and his team trust this organization and utilize the education and services provided. The CarGuard company believes in the vital role customers play in companies’ success, which is why they will be supporting the PACE convention this year.

In a world where person-to-person contact has changed so dramatically (Thanks to Covid-19), the way businesses handle communication must change as well.  Companies will be provided the tools to accomplish this through the PACE convention with a professional and gracious approach.

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