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Bedrock vs Java – Who Gets the Most Votes

Minecraft was initially available for PC users only, but it was found that fans preferred playing it on their consoles and mobile or hand-held devices. However, all platforms did not support Java so the developers created the Minecraft Bedrock edition so that they could be played on various devices

Here, let us find out more about the difference between bedrock and Java and can bedrock play with Java

Difference Between Bedrock and Java

Let us find out how the two differ from one another. 

The gameplay on Minecraft Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition appears to be similar, however, some features make them different from each other. 

The Java Edition of Minecraft is made using Java programming language, whereas Bedrock Edition is developed using C++. As such, there are few differences as far as technicalities are concerned. 

Many Java players believe that it is a superior edition since Bedrock has been developed using low specification devices that are known to have bugs galore. But if you can keep the bugs part aside, then you will find that Bedrock does many things that are way better than Java. 

  • Cross-Play Support

Bedrock Edition has huge cross-play support among several devices that include Xbox, Android, iOS, Windows, and PlayStation, and more. Bedrock Edition allows gamers to play Minecraft with friends on several devices. 

  • Chunk Loading is Better and Smoother

Java players will usually notice that in the Bedrock Edition, the chunk loading is smoother. The Bedrock Edition’s game code is optimized for a smoother experience and can be run on even lower-end devices. 

On the other hand, Java Edition players will find that chunk loading is slower in Java unless the server is good. Aside from that Java players might have to reply on Optifine or Sodium mods for optimum performance. 

  • Armor Stands are Better

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there are 12 different poses of armor stands. You can right-click on them if you want their posture to change ranging from 0 to 12. You can also do the same by sending the Redstone signals right to the armor stands. However, in the case of the java edition, this feature is not present yet. If you are interested in playing despite this lack of feature, you can try the Vanilla Tweaks so that the armor stands can be customized. These are the so-called Armor Statues. 

  • Enchantments 

The enchantments in both editions are the same. However, the Bedrock edition has a few enchantments extra. 

  • Fire aspect- TNTs, campfires, and unlit candles can be lit
  • Piercing – arrow shoots pass-through entities from level V and higher
  • Sharpness – Increase of 1.25 extra damage in Bedrock as compared to 1 extra damage in Java
  • Riptide- Splash damage is dealt with
  • Impaling – Mobs undergo damage underwater or in rain

Can Java and Bedrock play Together?

Minecraft extends cross-platform games for both the Java and Bedrock editions, however, the manner it does is not the same. 

In a nutshell, the Bedrock edition is your best bet if you are a casual player. It is simpler to play than Java, available on more platforms, and runs better. If modding is what you are looking for, the Java version is your best bet. Also, Java being the original version of Minecraft gets regular updates much before Bedrock gets.

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