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Wiener Netze and Sharp Join Hands to Usher in the Future

Wiener Netze, the energy network provider is making use of Sharp’s Windows collaboration display so that it can extend remote collaborations opportunities that are safe. To guarantee and strengthen the future energy supplies in a secured manner in Austria, Wiener Netze has invested €300 million every year to expand its networks in the renewable energy sector

Wiener Netze sets the highest security standards

Wiener Netze is well known for upholding the security standards of the highest order so that it can protect sensitive systems and data which guarantees an uninterrupted power supply

The company has been maintaining the conventional mode of face-to-face meeting options by making use of digital technologies with a cautious approach. But with the Covid-19 pandemic 2020, the company must rethink the way it operates so that the business could adapt well to the present conditions prevailing in the market

What did Wiener Netze need with the present scenario?

With pandemics in full control of the global economy, it was found that decision-making and formal gatherings banked upon hybrid and digital modes of communication. 

As such, Wiener Netze felt the need for a collaboration system, rather than a multifaceted system that would take care of the security issues, could be integrated well with the prevailing environment and would foster a wide range of collaboration systems. The most important would be to maintain an optimum workflow system. 

The company also wanted a system that every employee could relate to and adopt well without hampering the workflow and productivity. 

The Implementation Processes 

The IT team carried out several tests and finally decided that Windows collaboration from Sharp could work for the company’s requirements. 

As such, 14 devices in all were installed in Vienna the headquarter of the company in summer 2020. As per the spokesperson of Wiener Netze, the ease with which the devices could be used was crucial. The technical glitches had to be kept at the lowest as possible that would allow employees to work without hassles and hiccups, the spokesperson went on to say. 

Earlier, the company had to make sure that the plugs would work when the meeting starts but there were instances when a plug had to be fixed at the last moment only to have a delayed meeting in the conference room. It was also important to get your hands on the right kind of accessories for the same. 

Over the years, the system was not the preferred choice for most of the employees and none wanted to use it. 

However, with the new collaborative system in place extended by Sharp, a meeting at the conference room can be started promptly by connecting to a device. It is possible to connect to any colleague.

Features of Sharp’s Windows Collaboration System

The features of Sharp’s collaboration system comprised a 70-inch interactive Windows display with 4K resolution. The features ensure connecting teams in a hybrid or virtual setup that are de-centralized and assures productive collaboration

The difference between the plug-and-play concept with those of the other solutions and users can connect their devices to the system via Miracast or USB-C cable

With Sharp’s Windows collaboration display, Microsoft applications can also be used since the system is optimized accordingly. The collaboration display set up gels extremely well with Wiener Netze’s existing working culture and environment. 

As such, the company is using Microsoft Teams for planning and holding hybrid and virtual conferences, with a workforce that is either remotely based or working from brick-and-mortar offices. Workers are adequately connected with the collaboration display now. 

Implementation of the new system has also ensured that preparation time for the meeting is short and renders the entire experience much more effective. So, according to an employee of Wiener Netze, all he must do before a meeting is to switch on the display to connect. And this is exactly what the new system from Sharp offers to the employees of Wiener Netze. 

According to Wiener Netze employees, the collaboration that took place with Sharp is “straightforward and solution-oriented”.

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