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How to loop a YouTube video?

YouTube proudly ranks as the second most visited website which has an audience base of almost a billion people every month. YouTube’s wide and loyal user base watches almost a billion videos on an average daily basis which seems like a jaw-dropping number. This number is surely aided by the multiplicity of content available on YouTube, which gets only multiplied with newer and fresher ones every hour and every minute of the day. While there are a plethora of options available on YouTube for a person to binge on, sometimes, it feels better to go back to the comforts of the same video. YouTube, much like Facebook has the feature of infinite scrolling, where, if one starts going through the videos one by one, the scrolling would not end and thereby go on infinitely. However, there is comfort in looping the same music video like a background score or watching the same tutorial till the skill gets corrected. YouTube repeat feature allows one to loop a YouTube video. This could be done from both the desktop version of the app or from the iOS and Android smartphones.

What does looping a YouTube video mean?

Whenever there is a requirement for a YouTube video to be repeated or played on loop, the YouTube repeat feature comes in handy. This means that the same video would be played again and again even if it ends. If someone intends to learn a new skill from a YouTube tutorial, it may require him/her to go through the tutorial quite a number of times till he/she fully grasps it. This could include learning a guitar or some dance routine. This is where YouTube on repeat helps the person interested. A person could also curate a playlist and might want the same to be played on loop throughout the party. Some cafes resort to this option as their go-to background score. YouTube repeat helps them achieve the same without any hassle.

How to loop a YouTube video?

Anyone can loop a YouTube video from their respective desktop or mobile apps. The YouTube video for the desktop browser can be accessed through the video settings option on YouTube. For the mobile app, the YouTube videos and playlists could also be put on a loop from their settings option. Apart from this, a person can also avail the loop option through third-party websites or apps which lets them repeat an entire video at length. However, this option seems rather unnecessary because YouTube already has a built-in feature that allows its users to repeat a video on loop

In order to loop a YouTube video through the desktop:

  • While accessing the YouTube website, select the video that is to be played on loop.
  • When the video is right-clicked, a pop-up menu would appear. The user is to simply select the ‘loop’ option from the menu and play the video. 
  • The video shall be played on repeat until the settings are changed manually. 

It must be remembered that these instructions work for all desktop sites for YouTube, irrespective of the web browser being used.

In order to loop a YouTube video through the YouTube mobile app:

  • The YouTube app needs to be opened on the iOS or Android device and the desired video is to be selected.
  • When the screen on the video is tapped it reveals an icon of three dots positioned vertically one after the other. These dots would ideally appear on the top right-hand side corner of the screen. This icon needs to be tapped on, which would open a pop-up menu.
  • The pop-up menu that opens upon tapping the dots would reveal the video menu. This would include the ‘loop video’ option. It needs to be turned on for the video looping to begin.
  • It must be remembered that if there is an ad running in between the video, and the ‘loop video’ option is selected, the video loop will not be turned on. Instead, one needs to wait it out for the advertisement to stop running, or run enough to skip the ad. They can then proceed to turn the video looping on and therefore, effortlessly watch their videos on repeat.
  • In order to turn the feature off, the exact same procedure needs to be followed. 
  • If one wants to loop entire playlists instead of a single video, they should navigate up to any one of the videos that belong to the certain playlist. Turning on the ‘loop video’ option for any one of the videos of the playlist would ensure that the entire playlist is put on loop.

It must be remembered that these instructions stated to make a YouTube video repeat itself would work for all mobile app versions in the exact same way, whether it be Android or iOS.

One can also learn how to loop a YouTube video through third-party websites. Such sites would include examples like Listenonrepeat or Looptube. These websites help repeat an entire full-length YouTube video or even a certain part of it. Running a certain part of a video on loop comes in handy when one is acquiring a new skill from a YouTube video and can’t get through a certain step. he/she can then run that part of the video on loop till the step gets mastered.


Running a YouTube video on loop seems to be one of the most effective updates that the YouTube app came up with. It may have felt seemingly insignificant as an update at first, but with its launch, people have achieved a better and more comprehensive binging experience. Probably one of the most wanted updates for the YouTube app was for the music to keep running even if one would escape the YouTube window. While that was solved with the launch of YouTube music, which comes at a minimal subscription fee, no one really requested or anticipated the loop feature on YouTube. However, ever since its launch, it has only made the user experience more easy and breezy.

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