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The New Flash Boys- Robot Crypto Traders

Token traders that can move fast are gaining by enjoying the edge and are being the front-runners. According to Bloomberg News, the traders of cryptocurrency call it “sandwich maneuver”. And no one wants to get caught as the sandwich stuff. So, how does it work? 

According to Bloomberg News, if you happen to spot a trader buying a token, Ether or for that matter altcoin, on the same network as you are, you place your order as well. If it so happens that you can complete your purchase before the other trader that you spotted earlier, you earn a good bargain on the coin for which there is a good amount of demand. In the process, the moment you buy, the price escalates which the other trader must shell out. So, once the price goes up, you take the sandwich arrangement to completion, and you sell for a better profit. 

This kind of maneuver is regarded as a problem and a glitch for people who are into crypto trading. This is most prevalent in Ethereum technology that runs decentralized exchanges. This is made possible because on these exchanges the transactions can be seen before completion. 

Bots are computer programs that look across the network for such instances. This practice has become very popular of late, and this is due to the introduction of Flashbots, which is a free open-source tool. 

According to Bloomberg News, ever since traders got access to this tool, many started front-running, other traders. Before this tool was released, it was difficult to front-run other traders. 

Flashbots’ auction feature will allow any trader to bid on a position that is in a queue and in the process, the miners enjoy a kickback from the winner. By making everyone aware of the activity and working upon the system in a much orderly manner, the developers of the system believe that it can be fixed and the same will also minimize pressure on the Ethereum network. Not only that, but it would also do away with the shady tactics that many front-runners try to adopt. 

Some believe that front-running is a threat to the world of decentralized finance, which is also referred to as DeFi. This includes apps that permit users of crypto to do anything starting from lending, borrowing, and trading tokens. 

These so-called DeFi apps have an intricate built-in system that beckons users to participate. The crypto market insiders think that there are as many as 1000 bots in Ethereum that are in action. Despite that, it is quite likely that only a part of the traders can make profits finally, according to Bloomberg News. 

The gaining prominence of the Flashbots, as per market traders and insiders has made trading much more competitive. Many traders tweak their bots daily after going through data at Flashbot auctions. 

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