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H&M – Company Research Report

About H&M

Hennes & Mauritz, widely famous as H&M is a multinational Swedish firm for clothing retail. It is known for dealing with clothing that is fast changing for children, teenagers, women, and men. It was founded in 1947 by Alexander Popke and Erling Persson. It has its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. The current President and CEO of H&M are Helena Helmersson and Stefan Persson is the chairman. It is traded as Nasdaq Stockholm: HM B. As of November 2019, it had around 126376 employees worldwide.

The values of H&M when considered individually are obvious but when all of it is brought together, a new and unique culture is born. H&M values are a part of how they act, what they stand for, and who they are.

The values are as follows

  • We are one team

By this, the company means that diversity makes them strong and each colleague working in H&M makes a difference to the firm by coming together and sharing their experience, knowledge, and skills. While keeping the companies’ and customers’ best interests in mind, the colleagues help and encourage each other to achieve the company goals. Winning, losing, sharing the adventure, and having fun, are altogether as a team.

  • We believe in People

Anything is indeed possible if one trusts and belief people around them and that is the reason why h&m builds their workplace on integrity, inclusiveness, respect, and trust. They believe that the company develops with the development of its people through challenges.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

One of the secrets of H&M being the second largest retail company in the world is the people working their act like entrepreneurs. Their success is built on innovation, creativity, and the excitement of making an immediate impact. Despite their role, they take initiative and look for opportunities to set their business in motion. They know the importance of continuing to break ground even after becoming big and famous. They continue to compete to win the heart of their clients everywhere, every single day.

  • Constant improvement

Despite being proud of their accomplishment, H&M still feels that they are too far from being perfect. They do not settle, never stop and redefine their expectations and limits as they interact and do business globally. They believe that the small improvements in their day-to-day activity are that make a big difference. They keep welcoming ideas from everywhere and act on the one they feel is the best.

  • Cost-conscious

This value of H&M shows that the company does not spend unnecessarily. They keep an eye on their expenses and make sustainable and smart choices in every aspect. They look for solutions and ideas that bring value to their business. They believe that one of the best ways for future investment is taking good care of their product, their people, their planet, and their customers and using the resources provided to them responsibly.

  • Open-minded and straightforward

They value diversity not just in personal style but in ideas and people as well. They believe that a workplace can be welcoming and inclusive if the firm is open-minded about the world and the people around it. They encourage everyone to accept and give feedback directly and not behind the back.

  • Keep it simple

H&M believes that the solution to the smartest challenge is often simple and not complex. So, one must use their common sense, trust the good judgment of their colleagues, not complicate or over-analyze things with hierarchy and bureaucracy as it slows down the process.

H&M Brands and Subsidiaries

  • H&M

This brand of H&M group always offers the latest inspiration and style for everyone.  Be it motivational workout wear, complete-the-look accessories, affordable wardrobe essentials, collaboration with unique designers as well as fashion pieces can all be found by the customers. It offers sustainable fashion along with the best quality and price.

All seasons, all styles, all welcome! It was founded in 1947 in Sweden and today has 53 online markets,74 store markets, and 4332 stores worldwide.

  • COS

The first COS opened in 2007 in The regent street of London and in 2011 the first online store of COS was launched. The brand offers wardrobe essentials and reinvented classics for children, men, and women in Australia, Middle East, North America, Asia, and Europe. The items and collections come with timeless designs and lasting quality and are made to last beyond the latest season. By collaborating with emerging and established artists, galleries, and studios worldwide, COS supports the world of design and art. As of 31 May 2021, COS has 34 online markets, 46 store markets, and 283 stores worldwide.

  • Weekday

This brand is influenced by street style and youth culture. Weekday offers a retail experience that is unique and curated carefully with a mix of men’s, women’s, accessories assortments, and small sections of external brands. Weekday was started by four friends in 2000 as Weekend(a small store in Stockholm). Its earlier use to be open just on weekends, but with the gaining popularity, it started being open throughout the week and hence change its name. It has 30 online markets, 16 store markets, and 58 stores.

  • Monki

Monki opened its first store in Gothenburg in 2006 but in 2008 joined the H&M group. Today, it is present across Asia and Europe. This storytelling brand offers great fashion at a competitive price. It aims to be kind to the people and world. Monki merges creative street and Scandinavian cool style and is about being fun, friendly, and brave and at the same time empowers young women to stand for others and themselves. It has 31 online markets, 20 store markets, and 113 stores.

  • H&M Home

This global interior brand is design-driven and offers home accessories and contemporary décor for every room and style. In 2009, it was initially launched as a home-textile concept online and later opened stores. In 2018, it opened its first store with the standalone concept. Its assortment ranges from lamps, furniture, stylish textiles to timeless dinnerware and bed linen of high quality. It has 42 online markets, 51 store markets, and 402 Shop-in-shop in selected H&M stores & 24 concept stores.

  • & Other Stories

It offers a wide range of ready-to-wear, stationery, beauty products, accessories, bags, and shoes for women. The brand creates collections with utmost attention to quality and detail in its ateliers in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Paris. It was launched in 2013 and has 75 stores across Asia, The US, and Europe. It even has 33 online markets and 22 store markets.

  • Arket

This modern-day brand market offers essential products for home, children, women, and men. Its mission is to democratize quality through durable, well-made, widely accessible products, designed to be loved and used for a long time. The first store of Arket was opened in 2017 in Regent Street, London, and later expanded to Munich, Brussels, and Copenhagen. 

  • Afound

A great discount is offered by this brand always on everything. The physical store, as well as its online marketplace, offers discounts on its various products from the H&M Group brands altogether with an inclusive mix of external beauty, interior, sports, and fashion brands. It first was launched online in June 2018 and post that opened its store in Drottninggatan.

Finances of H&M


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