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5 Things You Must Know if You Want to Convert Website Traffic Into Buyers

To rework a popular phrase in the context of website conversion numbers, you don’t want traffic for show, but buyers for dough. In other words, getting steady traffic to your website is one thing, but unless you can convert enough of them into actual buyers, the numbers are almost irrelevant.

Sites like bullpreneur are useful resources for identifying potential business opportunities but you also need to work on a strategy that delivers a decent conversion rate if you are going to generate a profit.

Here are some of the fundamental pointers that should help you achieve that aim.

Focus on your USP

If you don’t know what your USP is then it is likely that visitors to your site are not being given a compelling reason to buy what you have to offer.

Work out what it is that makes your product so different and design a message that highlights this unique advantage in a very concise way.

Refining your USP and delivering the message to customers will help convince more of them to buy from you.

Use data to improve results

You should make sure that you have conversion tracking in place as this gives you valuable insights and feedback on what it is you do right and what stops customers from completing at the checkout.

You can experiment with different landing pages, for example, and use tracking data to see what works best.

Cater for all buying stages

You can’t expect every visitor to your site to be a buyer, as potential customers differ in terms of when they are ready to complete a purchase.

It could be that some want more information on their first visit or would like to talk to someone about your products or various options available.

Your aim should be to cater to all visitors at whatever buying stage they are at. This means offering support, more information, or an easy way to get in touch with you.

If you are with them at every stage, your customer is more likely to buy when they are ready to make that decision.

Address potential negatives

It can often be the case that if you are able to address and remove any perceived concerns that a potential customer might have about your site or the product itself they are more likely to buy.

Offering a risk-free guarantee that they can get their money back if they aren’t 100% satisfied is a proven strategy for improving conversion rates.

If you have confidence in what you are selling, the number of returns is likely to be very low, so the risk to you should be fairly minimal.

Make it as easy as possible at the checkout

Many of us don’t like filling out forms and repeatedly providing information before being to complete a purchase online.

Take a look at your checkout procedures and make sure that it is as easy as possible to complete a purchase with the minimum amount of clicks.

This might mean offering a guest checkout option, for instance, to save time and if the customer doesn’t want to give any more details or signup for an account.

If you can address these basic but essential aspects of your website experience it should help improve your conversion rate.

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