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Amazon Going to Launching its Own TV

Amazon has been deemed as one of the biggest e-commerce services globally. Correctly so, it has made its owner Jeff Bezos gain the position of the richest man in the world. The perennial popularity of the company has only increased with time. After introducing revolutionary product services under its banners like fire tv sticks, smart speakers, and smart display devices, Amazon has now decided to launch its own television. The Amazon TV is predicted to be launched first in the US market and then elsewhere globally. Business Insider exclusively covered everything that is to be known about the product launch and its details. Here is all the information collected about the product to be launched.

How is Amazon TV going to be Different from other Smart Televisions in the Market?

As per the information gathered from Business Insider, the Amazon TV is deemed to be powered and controlled by its popular artificial intelligence system Alexa. Earlier, other devices compatible with Alexa have been known to amazon’s consumer base. This would include Amazon’s very own Fire TV Cube that has Alexa built within it. The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a streaming device that allows the user to watch 4k quality high-definition pictures and supports various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other OTT platforms. Alexa has also been known to regulate fan speed, change the color of indoor lights, and a lot of other services which make one’s home a smart home. 

What changes in Alexa does the new Amazon TV bring? It has been reported that the new Amazon TV functions on an updated version of the Alexa, where Alexa is made to recognize noisy backgrounds and automatically respond in a higher volume. This feature has been termed ‘adaptive volume’ whereby Alexa automatically adapts to the kind of volume and sounds in its surrounding environment. However, it has still not been known to lower its volume down in the case of silent environments. However, there is a provision for the user to manually turn the volume low. As per the company’s declaration, this feature of Alexa was specifically installed so as to make sure that the consumers can hear Alexa’s voice over any kind of screeching sounds and background noise. The noise of a blending machine or a washing machine or simply, people talking sometimes blurs out Alexa’s voice and this is where this feature becomes important.

Apart from the Adaptive Volume feature of Alexa that the Amazon device supports, a few other details about the new product were revealed by the company. Amazon TV is deemed to be a large screen television with a screen size ranging from 55 inches to 75 inches. The television will be made by third-party companies like the Chinese company TCL. Amazon reportedly started working on the product two years back and the product has been in research and development for quite some time. After two long years, it is ready to be launched in the global market, though it shall first be launched in the united states.

Amazon had already been in the market of selling televisions prior to this endeavor. Amazon sold televisions under the brand Amazon Basics in India. It also collaborated with websites like Best Buy in order to sell Insignia and Toshiba televisions. These televisions are seamlessly compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick as well. After having established its name in television retail, Amazon finally decided to launch its own product in the sphere.

How is the Amazon TV Designed?

The Amazon TV is designed like a normal smart tv is. The panel of the television is black and matte with the brand logo engraved upon it. The posterior part of the tv holds all the USB adapters and the connections. The placement for the Amazon Fire TV stick lies in this place. Besides the fire tv stick port, there lies the USB port, a slot for a micro SD card, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI port.

The remote control to the Amazon TV is the same as before with few basic buttons to maneuver through the screen here and there. These would include the front, back, volume up, volume down, and select buttons. The rest of the functions happen on screen. The users get the option of turning their iOS or Android device into a remote control for themselves. They can then access the Amazon TV through the Amazon Fire TV app.

Amazon TV Reviews

The first pro factor for Amazon TV is its Alexa-controlled operational system. This makes searching for movies and TV shows a much easier experience. The other advantages of the Amazon TV would include its extremely responsive server. The TV allows one to stream 4K quality videos, but it is imperative that one has a good internet connection for that. The high-definition resolution screen makes up for all the plausible cons that the product could have.

The cons with the Amazon TV should be listed as well. Sometimes the TV lags when a user tries to toggle between multiple apps. The other con would be that Amazon has designed its TV in such a way as to only highlight Amazon content. This would mean that even though the TV has other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, the content that gets highlighted is the one from Amazon Prime or similar amazon based streaming services. Though the search results have altered over the years and other content surfaces more often than not, there is still space for improvement.


The Amazon TV could be one of the most sought-after Amazon products after its launch. Amazon had already set its name in the market with its top-quality e-commerce services and later with its gadgets like Amazon EchoAmazon TV may easily become one of the market leaders in smart television services provided globally. This is because not only does the TV come with its own AI-operated voice-controlled system, but its extremely responsive server provides the consumer with the most seamless viewing and streaming experience. 

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