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Fauci Reveals More Data Will Likely Support US’s Booster Plan

According to Bloomberg News, President Joe Biden’s medical adviser, it is quite likely that the booster shots for a larger population in the United States might be a possibility shortly since additional data related to “still widening outbreak” pours in. 

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated 2 days following the rejection of a national rollout of booster doses for all age groups plan by an advisory panel to the U.S Food and Drug Administration and instead of approving only for those people that are 65 years old and above and the medically susceptible ones. 

Bloomberg News reports that Fauci made a statement on Sunday on “This Week” that the “story is not over” yet as a large volume of data is pouring in and will do so for some time now. 

Last month, President Joe Biden had stated that that would be a broader booster plan. However, the narrower recommendations of the panel were said to be a rebuke to the president. However, Fauci said that he did not think that there was any mistake committed on the part of the panel. 

He also said that people must realize that there will be a lot of data coming in every day and every week, so they are planning to look at the situation in real-time as he spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union”. This was reported by Bloomberg News. 

The FDA panel did approve the limited third shots of those vaccines that were developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE. he also went on to say that he expected that booster data from Johnson & Johnson and Moderna Inc, is also to be evaluated within a couple of weeks. 

He also said that children younger than 12 years, who still do not qualify for the vaccines would be subject to evaluation in the month of early October. 

Also, he went on to say, according to Bloomberg News that vaccines required for airlines, a policy he supports personally is likely to be a possibility as well. Lastly, he stated that they are considering things daily. 

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