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A Case Study on Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza is a global pizza ordering brand that has franchises and stores spread all over the globe. The brand has established itself as a pizza delivery brand and a fast-food franchise in India and across the globe. Aside from their impeccable quality pizzas, they also serve excellent sides.

In the United States, the company was founded in 1960. In 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother James assumed control over Dominick’s, a little pizza café near Eastern Michigan University, originally owned by Dominick DiVarti at 507 Cross Street (currently 301 West Cross Street). 

Dominos was the name proposed by an employee named Jim Kennedy. Monaghan quickly revered the idea and named the company Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965. The original logo of the organization was three dabs, symbolizing the three stores it operated in 1965. By 1978, Domino’s Pizza had expanded to 200 stores, its first franchise opened in 1967. An American coffee and donut chain Dunkin’ Donuts granted Jubilant Foodworks a franchise agreement to open its stores in India in 2011. The first store opened in 2011.

Target Audience

Domino’s fast-food franchise in India is primarily aimed at young adults between 18-35 years of age. Domino’s strategy is designed to reach the larger portion of consumers who would ultimately buy pizza, regardless of what the reason is. Pizza is among the most popular eating options for people of all ages, from college students who just order a pizza for a night in with friends to gym freaks who use it as a cheat meal, to working professionals who order Domino’s while they are going over-time. Domino’s offers a lot of discounts and offers to people who are in this age group and are big users of social media apps.

StrategIized Business Model

The establishment’s current direction can be traced back to 2010 when Domino’s altered up its pizza formula and launched the “Goodness, Yes We Did” campaign that rescued the company from having a bland item. Financial specialists are also fascinated by the organization’s methodology. A significant part of the pizza business has been flat or marginally positive since the beginning of the decade, but the company has recorded income growth above 20% for the past 75 years, and same-store sales have been rising for 30 consecutive quarters.

Because of this steady growth, Domino’s overtook Pizza Hut in 2017 to become the nation’s largest pizza chain by sales, despite the fact that it has around 2,000 fewer residential units.

By 2025, Domino’s anticipates $25 billion in sales per year, as well as 2,000 new U.S. stores within that time frame.

Revenues and Current Performance Data

Domino’s principal source of income is its distribution network, which accounts for more than half its total revenue. Furthermore, the royalties and expenses the brand gets from its franchisees are its second-largest source of profit. Also, Domino’s operates a fixed number of stores in the US market. About 57% of Domino’s sales came from the supply chain section. Most of the incomes in the business are generated from franchisees in the United States and abroad and have been derived from deals within the organization-owned and maintained stores.

Marketing Techniques of Domino’s

A lot of digital marketing activities are undertaken by Domino’s, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Analyzing Domino’s marketing campaigns is described below –

  • Search Engine Optimization

The importance of Search Engine Optimization is crucial to getting ranked high in search results on Google. As a result, the business website gets a lot of traffic, and people trust the company more. Strong SEO is extremely important for every brand.

  • Social Media Strategy

Currently, Domino’s has 234k Instagram followers, 7.1 million Facebook likes, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and 62.2k YouTube subscribers. There is a noticeable presence of Domino on social media. Dominos connects with their followers and makes things relatable by using common people in their marketing campaigns or by using hashtags and slogans that are meant to create an emotional connection with their audience.

  • Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

Marketing through email is not a major aspect of Domino’s marketing plan. Their email marketing is used for order confirmation messages and sometimes for remarketing. SMS marketing is quite popular for sending OTPs, confirmations of orders, and offers.

  • A Traditional Marketing Strategy

By using traditional marketing, Domino’s has always been successful. Advertising on hoardings and banners has played an important role in driving customers into stores. Marketing through traditional methods promotes different offers in nearby stores. An attractive pizza picture is used in traditional marketing.

  • Dominos Advertising

Paid Google advertisements produce great results. Advertisements on Google can help brands target the right audience. Furthermore, Domino’s uses Facebook and Instagram to target ad marketing, where ads are shown only to the targeted audience, lowering the cost per click that leads to increased traffic to their website or app.


Domino’s is a well-known pizza brand with a solid following worldwide. Over the past five years, its income has also risen strongly. In 2025, the company plans to have over 25,000 cafes on its systemwide network. Client satisfaction and quality are the key goals of the organization. In the U.S. and some other major markets, this has spurred solid brand value because of high sales, client loyalty, and ubiquity. Domino’s has a great advantage as the global interest in pizza is growing. 

The company operates many outlets, and every location offers the same delicious pizzas that everyone loves. Domino’s has proved that standardized quality and taste are very well achievable no matter how big an organization may be. New and improved pizzas have indeed been a hit with customers, and hopefully, Domino’s will be re-established as the nation’s premier pizza brand.

News Source: https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/15725-dominos-weathering-covid-19-storm

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