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WhatsApp Chat Bubbles for iOS – Redesigning Chat Bubbles on the Cards

WhatsApp iOS is planning to redesign the chat bubbles so that they appear more “rounded”. However, this is something that WhatsApp has not been very keen on implementing since it was acquired by Facebook. WABetaInfo reveals that the same would be incorporated for the IM or instant messaging application so that it gets a fresh new look. 

This instant messaging application has been working towards incorporating many such features for the application, which also applies to Androids and iPads. These are few steps that the company is taking so that it can win again the trust of the public, especially since the company was blamed for irregularities related to privacy and data. 

New chat bubbles – WhatsApp bubble notification

If you are aware, a new malware has been circulating in the messaging application WhatsApp that is delivering ads in the chat messages and when a user signs up for the premium subscriptions, he becomes a victim of a Trojan attack. Here, let us find out how you can keep the Trojan at bay if you are using an Android device. 

WhatsApp would be making changes and introducing new features for its users to offer better services because it earned a bad name when it was maligned for issues related to public data. As such, it realized that it was losing the confidence of its users. 

The Whatsapp app, iOS will bring about changes that users can see in the application, one of them being the chat bubble’s redesign. The usual WhatsApp look which is rectangular will change into a rounded feature. This is a pattern that many messaging applications are using at present. 

New chat bubbles would be rounded aside from the green color of the app which will have a darker shade in the future. However, there are no explanations as to why the updates will be brought into effect in the future and why the rounded feature would come into existence. So, few are also of the opinion that users must be accustomed to the new shade since most are used to seeing the older look. 

Whatsapp interface change

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp released a beta update for iOS users. So, if you are a beta user, you can try out this feature too. As part of the new change or update, the calls interface on the instant messaging app will be different. So, the iOS users will get to see a new interface while dialing a number or receiving a call on the app. 

Following the concept of Apple’s Facetime, the new update will allow users to use other options while they are on a call or trying to make one. The new interface will have a “ring” button at the bottom. 

There is another feature that has been added as well as part of the update. This new feature will allow you to join an ongoing group call. If you are not joining a group call but would want to access WhatsApp a little later will be beneficial from this feature. You will see a button “Tap to join” that will help you to get added an ongoing group call on WhatsApp. As mentioned above, the company is trying its best to win back public trust especially after it was blamed for not safeguarding the privacy and data of the public.

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