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The Manufacturing Sector Is On The Up – Here’s Why

There’s no doubt that the manufacturing industry is on the rise. This year’s forecasts predict a gradual revenue increase of over 10%. Whether you are a seasoned investor in the industry or a newcomer looking to expand your portfolio, it’s always important to stay ahead of the curve and understand the market. This article outlines why manufacturing is an industry on the up.

New Investment 

The manufacturing industry attracts approximately $700 billion dollars of investment every year, with $250 billion coming from direct foreign investment. Put simply, manufacturing is a profitable sector that continues to grow. Recently, there has been an influx of new investment coming into the sector, especially from private investors. This is due to improved market conditions and a surge in demand, which means that production quotas are almost always filled.

Digital Technologies 

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and this trend is being reflected in the manufacturing industry. Newer technologies are now being incorporated into assembly lines to increase functionality and efficiency. Older machines may be able to produce the same amount of goods as new machines, but they can’t do it at the same speed or quality as new technology.

Digital technology has enhanced the manufacturing sector by making it safer and more productive. Workers are now able to control machines remotely, which means they don’t have to be in the same location as the machine. Coupled with more efficient production, this is helping drive profits upwards.

Sorting The Supply Chain 

The manufacturing industry has long been plagued by problems, such as rogue traders and counterfeit manufacturers. This makes it incredibly difficult for large companies to find trustworthy suppliers. Sorting the supply chain can now be achieved through blockchain technology, which keeps a record of all transactions between a company and its supplier. The decentralization of blockchain means that it cannot be tampered with, so issues of rogue traders and counterfeit manufacturers should be eliminated.

For example, companies such as Baling Wire Direct (balingwiredirect.com) can use blockchain technology to track goods through the supply chain. When they have an order, it can be tracked from its initial production to delivery point. This means that companies will know exactly where the product is at any one time, which helps them meet deadlines and cut costs. 

Improvements In Sustainability 

Sustainability is a major issue in the manufacturing industry. In recent years, various studies have been undertaken to understand more about how production can be improved from an environmental perspective. Over 95% of manufacturers have made efforts to become more sustainable over the past few years. These measures vary from building new factories and facilities, to using recycled materials and new forms of energy. While many companies have made efforts to minimize their environmental impact, it is predicted that this will become more widespread in the near future.


The future looks promising for the manufacturing industry. As new technologies are incorporated into current assembly lines, production quotas will be met faster and more efficiently than ever before. Traditional methods are being replaced by newer technologies. That’s why manufacturing remains an important industry, one that will go from strength to strength.

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