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Adhara Perez Sanchez – An Astronaut in the making to Colonize Mars

Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. You must have an IQ of more than 140 to be included in the list of “geniuses”. As per a report of 2017, The Independent, an IQ of 162 was obtained by an 11-year old Indian boy known by the name Arnav Sharma

In the year 2019, a ten-year-old girl based in Birmingham and named Freya Mongotra scored 162 as well. So, although, this is not the first time that someone around about the same age group achieved a commendable IQ score, yet, Adhara Perez Sanchez, has something special in her that has made headlines. 

Adhara Perez – 11-year old Mexican girl

This 11-year old Mexican girl scored an IQ of 162, which is two more than what Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein scored. Both had scored 160. Daily Star reports that Adhara Perez who is in high school now has already planned her career and she wishes to colonize Mars. 

During her early years, she used to be bullied often but she surpassed her peers from the time-space studies started appealing to her. However, her dreams of colonizing Mars and aspiring to become associated with NASA will require few years of waiting but that has not deterred her from chasing her dreams. 

This 11-year old Mexican girl has already enrolled her name for two degrees and plans to do dual courses. One being in Industrial Engineering in Mathematics from UNITEC and the second one being Systems Engineering from CNCI.  

Adhara Perez Sanchez – Her earlier days proved her mettle

Reports suggest that she is a meticulous and talented student was evident when at Adjara Perez’s age, she could read when she was just 3 years old and was an expert in solving puzzles and was also fond of algebra. 

To everyone’s surprise, at that very young age, she used to spend her time reading and learning about elements of the periodic table. This was stated by media reports. Adhara Perez Sanchez completed her graduation when she was only 8-years old. 

Aside from that, she has delivered lectures on black holes while representing Universidad CNCI, her university on one such occasion, an event that Tijuana’s Institute of Art and Culture. 

Currently, she intends to seek admission to the University of Arizona from where she wants to start her journey for the many exploration programs that NASA offers. Rice University has invited Adhara Perez to study astrophysics. 

This little girl has become quite well-known among scientists and aerospace professionals. She was allowed to attend International Air and Space program (IASP), in Alabama. She would be expected to intermingle with experts in aerospace and present her project. 

Her medical diagnosis

Adhara Perez Sanchez was found to have Asperger’s syndrome when she was three years old when her mother Nallely Sanchez discovered that the little girl did not behave like the other children of her age. 

She used to play with blocks and place them in rows, rocked constantly, and ate in periquera. She could spend hours doing this. Asperger’s syndrome falls within the purview of the autism spectrum. Children suffering from this have impacted social interactions including verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Individuals affected with this disorder do not have the flexibility of thoughts and are not able to understand metaphors. This was the reason why Adhara Perez became a subject of bullying because her schoolmates found her “weird”. Not only did her classmates bully her but her teachers started believing that she was not interested to be engaged in class and kept her isolated. 

However, even though her mother knows that her ambitions might be an expensive proposition, nevertheless, she hopes that her daughter will achieve her dreams. 

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