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How Ecommerce transformed Customer Behavior

Nowadays, the shopping habits of customers have changed decisively which is visible for the last few years and thanks to the detonation of e-commerce business. Where shopping from the stops was the prevailing one, now e-commerce sites have emerged where customers can avail their products very quickly.

How Ecommerce transformed the Customer Behavior

Despite the online sales accounting equation for just 3% of all retail stores in 2021, the digital e-commerce sphere has reached 330 million buyers online approximately by 2020 in India. Ecommerce is the crucial factor behind the shopping evolution. Now customers don’t need to go out shopping, the e-commerce sites allow customers to purchase anything just with one fingertip if they have a mobile phone or a desktop with a stable internet connection with them. E-commerce has entirely turned the concept of shopping style. This article explores how in the most impactful ways e-commerce has changed consumer shopping styles.

Mobiles are creating the difference between online shopping as well as physical shopping

E-commerce created one of the sizable influences for consumer shopping style, they will be able to buy from anywhere and at any time. They do not need to wait until the store opens for buying. This is the way they can have quick research along with that they can shop online. Single mobile lay hold of e-commerce to the upper level as customers can buy anything from any place during the phase of qualifying leads.

As of the year 2020, India has an internet user base of 696.77 million who use mobile internet for online shopping which is almost 40% of the population consumers use the cell phone in various ways all over the sales cycle. The different cases for which the customers use their mobile are as follows:-

  • To unearth the latest varieties
  • Track down products and analyze prices
  • To fabricate and cope with wish lists
  • New pick up
  • Review those purchases

The up-gradation of cell phone purchasing is making a difference between physical store shops and also online shopping. Despite two different channels, both can be pre-owned simultaneously to develop the shopping occurrence. However, brick and mortar are facing crises due to the sudden rise of e-commerce business. In particular, giant organizations such as Amazon, Alibaba have unplugged brick-and-mortar locations.

Nowadays Customers want Customized products only for them

The advancement of e-commerce modernized the expectations of the customer from those companies from where they are buying. So, what are the priorities the customers are expecting? They expect an uninterrupted experience so that it is personalized, which is consistently one for them. The only thing which is variable is the level of their buying procedure and what are the systems they use to shop online. Apart from this, the report of Accenture’s 2018 Pulse Check exhibit that more than ninety percentages of the people are most inclined to shop from the brands that acknowledge them, as well as customize their shopping experience.

GOAT, taking an example for this, which is a mobile sneaker mart that lets the users create their wish lists. After that, these sneakers go for a huge sale according to the shopper’s price range, and then the app notifies users. This company has generated customized products that are operating its business; the company now gains users of 7 million around the globe.

Shopping is becoming Communal Activity

GOAT generates a prominent shopping occurrence where people share with others about the experience of shopping. Here online shopping made it easy where they rotated the way of shopping to communal activity. Customers nowadays observe reviews that are accessible to them as well. Anyone can be an influencer on social media for a particular brand. Online platforms, reviews have opened the barricade for oral message advertisement for product reviews.  

In the year 2018, Online Survey for reviews took place where ReviewTracker released that almost sixty-four percentage of people search in Google for reviews as soon as they plan to buy anything. And that’s not only for Google; they also check Trip Advisor and other social media sites.

And the most interesting fact is that customers do believe the reviews of the strangers and they being a stranger nothing matters to them as such. Moreover, they trust those reviews more than the brand says. That is why customers now play a huge role in establishing a brand.

Retailers have also recognized the power of these channels to shape up customer’s opinions and they have started engaging with their customers on social media and at online review platforms. Apart from this, they are providing cash backs or discounts to get a review. This engagement plays a big role in facilitating customer’s need for more information before making any purchase. 

Shoppers are transforming themselves into salespeople

Apart from reviews nowadays customers have the accessibility to the product catalog. They know about the company information which is readable to them and analyze before pressing an adding to cart and buy now. These good customers transform the role of salespeople in the companies. Customers’ demand is much more therefore organizations are transforming their pattern to meet these kinds of expectations.

Before online platforms, buyers used to rely on the in-store person to guide them properly to buy the best product. Customers nowadays inscribe stores both online platforms as well as offline one with full of information beforehand when they buy something.

Consumers now gather reviews from their technology-based resources to make much more information-based buying options in which make the shop’s assistant look unessential when they don’t have the same knowledge. To meet these expectations of knowledgeable customers organizations are trying to recreate new customer events.

The Evolution will be carried on

All the customers have almost similar demands for their shopping. Customers want the product whenever they want them and with a feasible price range. That is why e-commerce is now a preferred channel for all and it is growing so fast.

Ecommerce gives access to consumers about the information, the potentiality to shop from a variety of devices, and also to exchange reviews with others. This has changed the way of their shopping. Shopping styles will evolve with the advancement of technology. Then the companies also need to adapt themselves to cope up with the customers’ demands.


A certain shift for consumer conduct also requires a shift in the marketing, messaging, analytics in support of brands. They need to discover more for the next generation user experience and explore analytical tools that can help the brands for their customers to understand better and to improve the conversion rates. 

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