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Top 10 Amazon Shopping Hacks to Get the Best Deals & Save Money

So you’ve been looking for a new laptop or that book you forgot to get for graduation, but you can’t afford to pay full price. The good news is with a little research and some patience, there are ways to save money when shopping on Amazon. Many people don’t realize they can buy used items from third-party vendors at a discount or even return the item within 30 days if it doesn’t meet their expectations – talk about risk-free shopping! Below are 10 hacks to score the best deals on your favorite products while not compromising quality. Do check out cashback for amazon in some of these products listed here.

1) Search with an Asterisk

Let’s say you’re searching for a TV online and find one that looks pretty good from Sears with all the features you want:

Now let’s say you find a similar TV from Best Buy at a better price. Before you click the “add to cart” button, try searching for something simpler like “tv.” You will see that there are actually two TVs from Sears and one from just plain old Amazon:

The trick here is that almost all retailers have their exact products listed on other websites as well, so if you’re having trouble finding just the right product or deal this trick will help. In some cases, using an asterisk after a brand or specific word can reveal even more deals than if you search without it – plus it’s really fun when your text looks like gibberish! Btw, do you know what does renewed means on Amazon

2) Shop Discontinued Lines & Open Box Items

Amazon sells both new and used items in their “Warehouse Deals” category. You can shop by newest items, bestsellers, customer ratings, or lowest prices to find the deal you are looking for – but before you do double check the product is in “new” condition if that is what you are looking for.

Open-box items can be a great way to score even bigger discounts since many customers change their minds after buying an item or they want something different altogether. Just make sure you read all the information on the item page so there are no surprises when it arrives at your door.

3) Shop Amazon Outlet

Amazon has added another section of warehouse deals just for outlet shoppers where the open box and refurbished products are sold at lower prices than new ones with full warranties; some of these items may still be wrapped in their original packaging. This section is a great way to save a bundle on high-end electronics and appliances you know you want – just make sure the item is still under the manufacturer’s warranty before you purchase it.

4) Sign up for E-mail Alerts

Amazon Shopping Hacks

If there’s one thing Amazon does well it is offering exclusive deals and discounts to customers who sign up for their newsletters and daily deal alerts. Many times, if not most of the time, this could mean free shipping too if your order also exceeds $25 or $50. If for some reason they don’t have an offer going on, you can always count on them to send out emails with coupons and codes every few weeks so keep your eyes peeled – you never know what kind of sale they are going to have next!

5) Know the Return Policy Before You Buy

Did you know that Amazon stores sell products from other retailers right on their website? This is a great feature if you want to look for something specific but can’t necessarily find it elsewhere. Many times these sellers offer free returns within 30 days, which means you could potentially purchase something at full price with the option of returning it later if it doesn’t meet your expectations or needs. Be careful though, because this rule does not apply to all sellers so make sure to read through each product page carefully for more information on return policies and procedures.

6) Learn About Amazon’s Best Selling Items

Amazon has added a bestseller list to some product pages that let shoppers see what new and popular items are flying off the shelves. This list is updated hourly, so you can keep checking back if there’s nothing available right now.

7) Use Your Savings on Amazon to Buy More

If you have an account with Amazon Prime, which includes unlimited free 2-day shipping, they will reward you for shopping at their website by crediting back a portion of your purchase towards future purchases. This means you could potentially pay for your next purchase with money saved from previous ones! You can also sign up for their unlimited perks program where members gain access to exclusive deals each month plus unlimited free photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.

8) Look for Sales Based On Previous Purchases

Amazon has an interesting feature that allows you to track the prices of specific items over time and receive alerts based on your preferences. Since many shoppers tend to buy popular items at regular intervals, this is a great way to purchase something at the lowest price possible without having to keep checking for sales yourself.

9) Use Amazon as a Comparison Tool

If you find an item on sale at another store, don’t be afraid to use Amazon as a quick reference guide before purchasing because they often offer competitive prices across their entire site. This can also help you save money if there’s a lower-priced model or edition available from Amazon that competes with a higher-end one somewhere else.

10) Find Products with A+ Reviews & Ratings

One thing that sets Amazon apart from other shopping websites is its wealth of user reviews. If you need to purchase something online and want feedback from past customers before you do, this is the place to go to because they have a strong community of shoppers who are happy to leave honest feedback about all sorts of products.

The article tells readers how they can get the best deals on products by buying open-box or refurbished items, signing up for email alerts, learning more about best-selling items, earning credit back towards future purchases with Prime, checking sale prices against Amazon’s prices, using Amazon as a comparison tool, finding items with A+ ratings & reviews, getting lower-priced models or editions offered on Amazon., etc


There you have it, 10 tips and tricks that will help you get the best deals on Amazon. If you are looking for more great ways to save, check out this article where we discuss 6 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Budget Without Realizing It!

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