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21 Outside-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Sell Your Property Easily

Are you struggling to sell a property? The reason you may not be attracting the right property buyers is not using the right property selling tips and tricks. In this post, we review 21 out-of-the-box real estate marketing ideas to sell property easily

  • Social Media Presence 

Social media is quickly becoming the most powerful marketing tool available today. With a proper social media strategy, you can sell that property within fewer periods than you expect. Ideally, social media draws attention to your listing and allows you to make new potential connections. 

  • Build A Professional Website

Apart from social media profiles, you need a professional website where potential property buyers can visit to see the existing listings. When building the website for your real estate businesses focus on aesthetics and functionality. Make sure your website loads fast and provides easy website navigation. Include sharp photos and post content that attracts the attention of potential property buyers. 

  • Create Video Walkthroughs 

Video walkthroughs offer a more insightful experience to potential property buyers. Thus, post the video on social media and to your website. Ensure the video walkthrough highlights all important features and that the images are sharp and recorded using a high-quality camera. You may hire an experienced professional to assist you in recording the videos. 

  • Engage in Content Marketing 

According to statistics, content marketing produces over thrice as many leads as outbound marketing & charges 62% less. Therefore, content marketing is a great way to draw the attention of your target property buyers. Thus, you could start a blog, or use guest blogging as a content marketing strategy. Make sure you post relevant content and use keywords that will attract website visitors. 

  • Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer 

Whether you are advertising listings on social media or via your blog, you need to use high-quality images. Therefore, you have to engage a professional photographer who will take amazing visual content that attracts the homebuyer’s attention. Get shots of every room, the exterior, and the surrounding area. 

  • Distribute Business Cards 

Digital marketing is often the best way to promote a business. However, consider the traditional marketing methods as well. One of the effective ways to market your business is by distributing business cards. That way, your network with other potential home sellers, and you open up the potential for new referrals. 

  • Keep An Eye On The Competition

What other marketing methods are your competitors using? What does their social media strategy look like? How about their websites? Take note of what the competitors are doing successfully, and copy the tricks. Also, take note of what they are doing wrong and avoid making similar mistakes. 

  • Staging 

Property staging puts your business in the limelight. To make the property more desirable, and attract potential viewers, property staging could help. Staging makes the property look as beautiful as possible. That means you are likely to get interested buyers viewing the property. 

  • Create a referral System

While you are building an online presence, do not forget about getting referrals from happy customers. You could simply ask for referrals from happy customers. Therefore, ask your past customers to refer a friend or a relative who is planning to make a purchase soon. 

  • Create And Protect Your Online Reputation

Creating a positive brand vibe may take years. However, damaging the reputation could take a matter of days or even hours. Therefore, review what others are saying about your business, and focus on maintaining a positive brand vibe

  • Advertise On Print Media 

Print media is one of the marketing channels reaching a wide audience within the target area. For instance, if you are targeting your locality, make sure you are advertising through the local print media. That way, you could generate traffic to your website or your social media profiles. 

  • Add Customer Testimonials To your Website

Referrals from a past customer could be via word of mouth. To convince and convert the social media users and potential buyers visiting your website, you could add testimonials to the website, and even on print media. 

  • Go for Real Estate Listing Websites 

Real estate listing websites provide great potential when it comes to attracting potential buyers. Ideally, homebuyers begin the search for a property through the listing websites. Since your website could not be attracting enough traffic to guarantee faster selling, talk to professionals. 

  • Optimize Real Estate Listings 

Use keywords to optimize your real estate listing pages. Proper address formatting, using appropriately sized photos, and adding necessary links to the virtual tour videos will help improve your viewing, and get features on the top pages. 

  • Post Regularly on different Social Media Pages 

You have created a social media page, and now, you need to post regularly, to make sure as many people as possible see your content. Therefore, create attractive content that compels people to visit your website for more. Frequent postings will help you be seen on social media platforms. 

  • Sponsor a Talk Show On Radio 

Another potential marketing idea that could help you sell a property quickly is sponsoring a talk show. Understand the sensitive topics that could attract listeners, and talk about the topics, while mentioning how you are helping to tackle those issues. 

  • Guest speak On a TV Live Show  

Live TV shows provide the real estate agents a platform to market their offering to the target audience. Sponsoring a TV show can be an expensive venture. However, you can partner with different institutions and share the cost, to make the strategy more affordable. 

  • Partner With a Mortgage Lender 

Mortgage lenders are also marketing their products, and eyeing property buyers. As a seller, you could leverage the lender’s financial muscle, and market the property effectively. Therefore, you can come up with appropriate financing agreements that promote the mortgage lenders and your business too. 

  • Create brochures 

Whether you are selling multiple properties or just a single property, you need to get the word out, in order to attract potential buyers. Creating brochures is one of the ways you can use to market a property to potential buyers. 

  • Create Dedicated Landing Pages

Connect your social media ads to a landing page, where you can provide more value to your leads. Make sure there is a dedicated landing page for every property you are selling. 

  • Attend Tradeshows and Networking Events 

To get the word about your business out, consider attending tradeshows. Attending the tradeshows provides a platform where you can meet other real estate agents and potential buyers. Ensure you have your business cards and high-quality brochures. 


We have looked at the best tips to help you sell a property quickly and attract a higher profit margin. Talk to experienced experts to advise you when it comes to a property listing.

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