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How To Keep Employees Happy And Profits Booming

When you’re running a business, there are so many things you need to keep on top of – accounts, changes in the market, keeping clients satisfied, profit margins, cash flow. And amid the chaos, we often take our most valuable asset for granted. Good employees are essential for the success of a business. And to get the best out of your staff, it’s vital that they’re happy working for you. This isn’t just benevolence on your part – your business is far more likely to prosper if staff enjoy where they work. Treat them well and they’ll be loyal to you (thus reducing staff turnover and all the costs that entail), they’ll care more about the work they do and put in those extra hours when needed, and they’ll become more innovative, helping you move the business forward with fresh ideas. There are numerous ways to ensure a happy workforce. Here are a few…

Create A Homely Office Environment

Nothing is more likely to burn enthusiasm quicker than a grey office with little in the way of color or home comforts. If your workplace has a view, make a feature of it and encourage employees to enjoy it. Give them a choice of art to decorate the walls, bring pot plants in to create a fresh dash of color and scent, and perhaps park a sofa in a corner for people to sit and chat on if they need a screen break. The lighting is also important – a bright office space (ideally one that uses natural light) is ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Offer Regular Breaks

Again, this isn’t charitable. Failing to offer breaks will dampen enthusiasm and lower work rates. Regular chances to stretch the legs and have a chat and a laugh, however, will freshen everyone’s mood and inspire them to keep going.

Give Recognition

You can do this in small ways, such as patting someone on the back for a job well done, or if they’ve worked hard that day. It’s amazing how motivated people become when they feel appreciated. There’s also long-term recognition in the form of a promotion, increased responsibility, new skills, or a raise. It’s important to think about the prospects for each staff member. If you can’t offer them progression then they might start looking elsewhere.

Get The Work/Life Balance Right

To do this, you’ll need to speak to each employee individually because different people want different things. Some want to be in the office all the time because they enjoy the company. Others prefer to become hermits at home, whereas others like to mix it up. The key is to be flexible. Since the pandemic, more companies are offering flexibility to their employees. If you don’t do likewise you might lose good staff just because you weren’t flexible enough.

Unexpected Rewards

If you’re pleased with how your workforce is performing, why not show them so by buying them a gift? This will really lift their spirits, especially if they’re not expecting it. Good options include flowers, bottles of wine, food hampers, or why not buy chocolate online and place it on their desks one morning? Who could fail to love your company if you buy them chocolate?!

Give Regular Feedback

This is all about letting an employee know exactly where they stand. If the news isn’t good, you need to let them know how to put it right so they have something to work towards. You should also be approachable enough that they feel comfortable giving you feedback too.

Neglect your staff and you lessen your chances of success. Keeping them happy doesn’t have to involve a large expense, but it will take up time, so make sure you put some aside to dedicate to those who work for you day in, day out. It’ll pay dividends in the long run.

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