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How Altoura helped Thermo Fisher Scientific

A Fortune 500 company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a provider of software and services, analytical instruments, and equipment catering to the scientific research sector. In the last year, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s investment was in spatial computing solutions offered by Altoura. This measure was taken so that the customers of the company could solve complex problems that were impacting mankind, which also included battling the coronavirus pandemic. 

How did it all happen?

Thermo Fisher Scientific hired the services of Altoura. Its business units witnessed the deployment of Altoura spread across the company so that the time taken to market its products could be accelerated. This was achieved by revamping and reworking upon remote collaboration, conducting training of the workforce, and task simulations. This would in turn empower its customers with the appropriate tools, technologies, and pharmaceuticals that are needed for their life-saving work. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific used Altoura’s expertise

Using Altoura’s spatial collaboration software, the company encouraged its workers to collaborate and work remotely as a team within the “photorealistic digital twin” of the physical working environments. The areas where employees worked together remotely with the help of Altoura’s photorealistic digital twin environment were at the testing sites, laboratories, and shop floors. This was to train the employees, empower them, and educate the workforce much faster in an environment that was simulated. 

Altoura’s contributed by shortening the length of training time by up to 60% but simultaneously improving the productivity of the workers. Just as there was an improvement in productivity and reduction in training time, the cost of training was considered as well. Not only that improving knowledge retention was also one of the main objectives of Thermo Fisher Scientific. It also ensured that the company could deliver their products to the customers much faster at the same time offering better customer care and support. 

About Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is a company that has an annual revenue that exceeds $30 billion, is leading in serving science. The main aim of the company is to allow their customers to make the world a better, cleaner, and safer place to live in. 

Regardless of whether the customers engaged in research in life sciences, or solving complex analytical problems, or working towards the betterment of patient diagnostics or therapies for improving the productivity in the laboratories, the company is there to extend support. 

The company’s global team comprises more than 80,000 co-workers that deliver a combination of technologies that are innovative and effective. The company makes purchasing pharmaceutical services a convenient experience for the customers through its leading brands like Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Patheon, Thermo Scientific, and Unity Lab Services. 

About Altoura

Altoura, a no-code spatial computing platform for remote collaboration. It is regarded as one of the better, most flexible, and a complete photorealistic spatial computing platform available in the market. 

Altoura is remarkable as it facilitates better connections, collaboration, and interaction for its users and with their co-workers, their immediate environment, and equipment from across the globe from anywhere and by using any device. 

The remote collaboration solutions offered by Altoura help in merging the digital world together with the physical world. This enables users to complete tasks that require virtual presence like training in real-time and guidance, presentations related to product sales, and collaborative designs. The company’s no-code experience enables users to build a spatial computing environment and experience. The users do not require any experience in development. 

Users of Altoura can partner with Altoura Studios for deployment, personalize integrations, develop 3D content, and opt for spatial environment optimization as per their industry requirements. It has clients in almost all sectors and companies seek their service to tap into the potentialities of remote collaboration for enhanced productivity at affordable costs.

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