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Apple Watches: GPS vs Cellular

If you are planning to buy an Apple watch and are undecided about whether to buy one with GPS or a cellular one, read on to find out few points of difference between the two. This will enable you to reach the right decision and you can do justice to your hard-earned money. So, go through the Apple watch GPS vs cellular points and conclude. 

Apple watch cellular vs GPS – Points of difference

There are few factors with the help of which you can identify the differences. So, we will highlight these very factors below. Find out the difference between GPS and cellular apple watch. 

1.The primary difference between GPS vs cellular apple watch is that Apple watch cellular will allow you to make calls or send text messages through the watch even if there is no connection with your Apple phone. You will also be able to stream music from your Apple watch. 

2. Connectivity- This is one of the main differences. You must connect the Apple watch with the internet under circumstances when your iPhone is not within the Bluetooth range. It will let you check emails and iMessages but you will not be able to view texts or answer calls, check weather and maps. 

When you are not around the iPhone, the built-in LTE and UMTS radio automatically switch to cellular. You will also be able to direct calls to the Apple watch. Remember, your phone number will not change and will be the same on both devices. So, if you are looking for an answer to “Do I need cellular on apple watch”, the answer is that the Apple watch without cellular (only Wi-Fi) is not expensive, is light in weight, with longer battery life but it will require an iPhone for use daily. 

3. Carrier restrictions- The GPS plus Cellular Apple Watch is available with LTE and lets you carry off your existing carrier plan. You will require internet and phone connectivity even the iPhone is not around. With your iPhone’s data, the Apple Watch LTE will allow you to place calls, receive messages, play with third-party apps, and also navigate through the maps. 

4. Storage size- Apple Watch Series 3 GPS +Cellular has 16 GB storage, Apple Watch Series 3 GPS only has 8GB storage, and Apple Watch Series 5 GPS and GPS+Cellular has 32 GB storage. 

5. Battery Life – The GPS vs Cellular Apple Watch uses more battery as compared to the GPS-only Apple Watch when you are making use of GPS+Cellular. 

6. Price – Is Apple watch cellular worth it? Let us find out. The prices mentioned here are that of 2019. The GPS only Series 3 starts at $199 with an aluminum case, GPS+Cellular Series 3 starts at $299. GPS only Series 5 starts at $399, and GPS+Cellular Series 4 starts at $499. 

Pros and Cons of Apple Watch GPS (Wi-Fi only) and GPS+Cellular

Apple Watch GPS (Wi-Fi only)


  • Not expensive
  • Can store music onboard
  • Longer battery life
  • Lightest weight


  • You must have iPhone nearby
  • Family setup not supported
  • Available only in aluminum

Apple Watch GPS+Cellular


  • Supports Apple Music streaming
  • You can leave your iPhone elsewhere
  • All models have 16GB to 32GB of storage
  • Family setup available


  • Models are expensive

When you look at the Apple watch, you will not be able to make out the difference just by looking at them. But what is contained inside these watches makes all the difference.

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