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Which Sling TV Packages Should you Sign up for?

Sling TV is probably one of the most cost-effective live television streaming services that are available in the market. If someone is planning on ditching their usual cable service, Sling TV should be their ideal budget-friendly choice. The Service comes with two packages- The blue package and the orange package. Either of these two packages comes at a mere cost of thirty dollars a month. However, if one wants to avail of both of these packages, they come in an integrated package of 45 dollars per month.

What are the Sling TV Packages Available?

The Orange package for Sling TV offers channels under the ESPN network and Disney primarily. The Blue package for Sling TV offers channels under the Fox Network like National Geographic, Fox Sports, Discovery Channel, and Bravo alongside NBC and a few other channels. Most of the channels overlap in the case of Orange and Blue packages but still if one wishes to get the best of both worlds, they should opt for the integrated package which would then provide channels like BBC America, CNN, Food Network, and TBS. If the packages still seem incomplete, there is a wide array of add-on packs available, pertaining to a specific genre like a kids’ add-on pack or a sports one, or even news. All of these add-on packs come at an additional cost of five dollars a month. A few of the add-on packages that are premia like Starz, Epix, and Showtime are provided at an additional cost. 

If a customer is new to the Sling TV services, they could try out the packages in a fourteen days trial run which comes at no cost.

Sling is probably the most affordable live television service in the US market. They provide a package worth thirty dollars a month in two variations. The only cons for the streaming service could be the fact that the user interface for Sling TV isn’t as intuitive as one would like it to be or as the ones that are available in the market. But the sheer amount of channels that Sling TV packages offer makes up for the little flaw in the user interface.

Which Sling TV Package Should you Opt for?

The website for Sling TV makes it a bit obtuse for the consumers o understand which package they should ideally opt for the blue or the orange one. So here is a detailed breakdown of what each package entails, and which package one should opt for in order to customize according to their needs:

If the consumer is divided between which package to choose, The Sling Blue package or the Sling Orange one, they could consider looking at the following options. Mostly the channels between the Sling Blue and the Sling Orange overlap but there are a few notable differences between the two. The channels that are common to both packages include Lifetime, History Channel, Food Network, and CNN. The Sling TV Orange package is not known to include any local channels and therefore, if anyone were to watch the regional news or regional TV shows, they should opt for the Sling TV Blue package. The single biggest difference between the two packages would be the fact that while the Sling TV Blue package supports triple streaming through the consumer’s devices, Sling TV Orange just supports single streaming through one device. This becomes an important determining factor for selecting one’s desired package especially if they are sharing one account with their family and friends. They should ideally opt for the Blue package if they intend to do so.

The basic package of Sling Blue comes with the channels like those of the cable networks which include BET, Fox News, AMC, FX, Bravo, Nick Jr., TNT, USA, Syfy, National Geographic, TBS, and every other Fox network channel and NBC channels that are locally available in select cities.

The Orange Sling TV package comes with BBC America, the Disney Channel, Freeform, Comedy Central, Lifetime, TBS, HGTV, TNT, AMC, Cartoon Network, and the Food Network.

Therefore while Orange owns no local channels by NBC and Fox, Blue has none owned by the Sports king ESPN or Disney. Therefore, if one were to see both, they should go for the integrated pack that provides a huge selection of fifty channels.

Other Information that you Need to Consider Before Taking a Sling TV Package

Sling TV add-on packages range from something between five dollars a month to fifteen dollars a month. These would include packages like the News extra which is charged at eleven dollars a month, and can be added to one’s existing Sling Blue or Sling Orange package to customize their viewing experience. If one is to apply for all the packages and add-on packs available, their subscription bill could exceed as far as a hundred dollars per month. therefore even after adding a dozen of the add-ons packages along with the main packages, the cost remains really low in comparison to cable tv or satellite television connections.


If one likes having multiple channels to surf through, one should definitely opt for a cable connection but if one were to have a more personalized viewing experience, Sling TV Packages is the correct choice for them. The customer can always try it out with the seven-day free trial and cancel the subscription anytime they want. Sling TV services come at a monthly charge rate and there are no options available for a yearly subscription. Therefore it is easy to cancel at any time within a year. There are also no additional cancellation charges or rental fees to be paid, which makes the cancellation procedure even easier. Since there is no contract that the consumer is bound to, the cancellation of the subscription immediately and the billing is stopped. With this easy subscribe and easy cancel feature, Sling TV packages are definitely worth a shot.

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