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Tips to Create a Resume for Java Developer

There is a huge scope for java developers in small to large-sized organizations. The responsibilities of a java developer could differ depending on their level of experience. There is no denying that there’s a high demand for all the java developers out there. However, the competition is pretty fierce, with businesses looking for the most competent and deserving candidates for the position. Therefore, you require access to a professional resume for Java developers.

The only way you can stand out as an expert java developer is by crafting a winning resume. You might be a great programmer, but when it comes to writing a resume, things get a little tricky. To increase your odds of getting hired as a junior/senior java developer, you should know the format of a resume and the things to be included in it.

The Right Format

There are two types of resumes for java developers:

  • Functional Resume: The functional resume format is for the self-taught java developers who have sound knowledge of this programming language, but have little to no work experience.
  • Combination resume: It is for professionals who have plenty of experience and the required skills to work as a Java specialist. As the name implies, you can combine your skills with your experience to make your resume look more professional.

Here are a few things to consider to get the format right:

  • 1-inch margins on both sides
  • Any font works (as long as it looks professional)
  • 1.15 line spacing 
  • 11-12 pt font for the body and 14-16 pt for the headings
  • 1-page length (maximum)

Your job may not entail resume-creating, but the formatting of a resume can make a big difference to your application. Use a custom template if you want to avoid formatting mistakes.

Things to Include

The recruiters will not spend hours going over your resume. They probably have hundreds of applications to check, so there’s a good chance they will skim through your resume. It’s important that you add only the necessary information that grabs the recruiter’s attention the moment they take a look at your resume. Everything should be precise, short, and written in a simple language. Though your job is pretty complex, your resume has to be incredibly easy to understand. Here’s what you need to include:

  • Your experience as a java developer
  • Contact details
  • Skills 
  • Qualifications
  • Portfolio

You could also include the optional headings to leave a good impression, but they are not necessary. 

  • Completed projects
  • Languages
  • Certificates and awards
  • Hobbies

Keep the Summary Short and Engaging

Do you know an average recruiter is likely to spend no more than 6 seconds on your resume? It’s pretty logical since they have a pile of resumes to go through. That’s why the summary of your resume is your best chance to stand out. A well-written summary is “a few lines covering your experience, qualification, skills, and hobbies in precise words”.  The summary should hook the reader and encourage them to go over the entire resume to know more about you. 

Focus on Your Experience

Nowadays, companies focus more on candidates with experience and skills rather than those with only the qualifications for the job. Of course, if you are applying for a junior-level java developer position or an assistant developer, qualification might be the only thing you can use to convince the recruiter. However, if it’s a senior-level position, you should use your work experience. Write this section carefully, as this is what your recruiter will check before calling you for an interview. The structure should go like this:

  • Your position in the previous job
  • Name of the company
  • Date of joining and leaving
  • Responsibilities, awards, and other achievements

Your work experience is your only chance to separate your resume from other candidates if you are applying for a senior-level position at a reputable company. If you don’t have the relevant work experience, consider taking up gig work on freelancing sites to build your portfolio. 


Remember, you are competing with a sea of applicants and your resume is the only thing the recruiter has to know about your abilities and potential for the role. So, it is worth investing your time and efforts in crafting an excellent resume that makes your application stand out. Good Luck!

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