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How to make a Map in Minecraft?


A Minecraft map is probably one of the most vital accessories while playing the game. It becomes absolutely imperative for the user to own a map in their respective inventories in order to guide themselves back into their den after a long intricate quest or just as a visual reminder of the quests they have fulfilled. Minecrafters might find creating a map a bit complicated, but it is still achievable in the early stages of the game with a little guidance. The map helps in providing the user with a bird’s eye view of their base or simply guides them through a way back to their base spot, from an extensive adventure. The following steps, if followed meticulously, could make the procedure of makin a map fairly easy for the Minecrafters.

How to make a minecraft map?

The map recipe Minecraft is fairly simple. The only ingredients required to make it is the crafting grid of three by three, a compass, and eight papers if the game is being played on a PlayStation, Mac, Xbox or the PC and nine papers if the game is being played on Windows 10 or Pocket Edition. It must also be mentioned here that in case of Mac, Xbox, Playstation or the PC, the game must be in the Java format. The gamers that play on the Java Edition require one compass placed in the centre of the three by three crafting grid while those on Windows 10 or PE, require all the nine blocks of the crafting grid to be filled with papers. Once the placements are done the map can be moved into the Inventory section of the gamer’s account and it is ready to use. Maps in Minecraft could be used for a plethora of purposes besides using it as a means of survival. It provides bases for creating house design and art and could simply be a visual trophy for when a gamer ends a game. The procedure of making a map in Minecraft is three stepped:

  • Creating a Crafting grid or a table:

This would serve as the main base on which the map of Minecraft is created. For this the gamer requires wooden planks. The gamer needs to find wooden logs along his multiple quests and later convert them into wooden planks. These wooden planks would then serve as the base for the three by three crafting grid over which the map for Minecraft is created. In order to create wooden planks from the existing collected logs, the logs need to be simply placed into one of the spaces in the crafting table space of the survival inventory. Once the wooden planks have been created, those could be used to make the nine-blocked crafting grid.

  • Making Paper:

The process of making paper is similar to that of creating the crafting grid. A player requires eight sheets of paper to make a map. These eight sheets of paper would require nine sugar canes, which are to be found along the quest. Sugar canes can be easily picked up if the gamer is an owner of a sugar cane farm. However, sugar canes can also be easily collected otherwise. Wherever there is a huge block of water, sugar canes can be found because they require enough water to grow. Therefore if one is to find sugarcane, he/she must look for it besides a lake, a sea, or an ocean r any sort of water body.

  • Making the Compass:

The making of a compass is a bit more complicated. It requires ingredients like Redstone and Iron. these materials are to be found only in lower levels of the ground which means that the making of a compass requires mining. Redstone is however easily available and can be collected from various places but it must be remembered that it can be mined only with the help of an Iron pickaxe. The Iron pickaxe can also be made using materials in the inventory.

Once all of the three ingredients are found, the gamer can proceed to make the map. For this, the crafting grid needs to be placed over the graphic user interface of the crafting grid. Once done, the sheets of paper need to be placed all around the three by three grid except for the center. Lastly, the compass is placed in the center to complete the map. The map is then ready to be moved into the inventory section. 

It must be remembered that the first map created is always blank and has no information stored in it whatsoever. It is only when the user holds onto the map for a few seconds and taps on the ‘use item’ option that it gets activated. Once the map is activated, the map gets filled on its own as the game progresses and the user completes newer quests.


Some of the lesser-known facts about a Minecraft map recipe would be the fact that a map would allow the gamer to view the game from the third person point of view. This would mean that the user would be able to use a map without getting a section of his/her screen blocked by the map. Maps on Minecraft are also customizable. There are certain programs available online that enable the gamer to use their own sets of graphics and images or simply text messages to a map. This allows them a more fulfilling gaming experience. The user can also compile multiple maps of multiple areas into a giant map on the wall. By plotting a giant map of the game, the user achieves a bigger picture of his/her gaming strategy and the quests that he/she has conquered. Therefore maps on Minecraft are easy to make and fun to use. They could be designed according to one’s choices and needs for survival. This guide helps in creating a basic formula or map recipe in Minecraft.

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