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Covid Vaccines – FAQs to Add to Your Knowledge

Vaccines save many lives every year. If an effective vaccine is developed against Covid-19, it is indeed a big leap towards restoring normalcy across the globe to the pre-covid times to some extent if not fully. Here, we discuss few frequently asked questions related to the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Covid-19 vaccines

Go through the following questions and answers to reinforce your knowledge about the vaccines that are causing a lot of hues and cry the world over. 

1. How effective is the covid vaccine against the new variants?

The World Health Organization states that the vaccines that have been approved to date are anticipated to offer protection even against the new variants. 

Experts and researchers from around the globe are in the process of the continuous quest to find out how the behavior of the virus changes as new strains emerge. Simultaneously, they also study to find out how effective the vaccines are on the new strains. 

2. Which covid vaccine is best?

You must have heard many asking, “Is there a best covid vaccine?” Vaccines are made differently. There are mRNA vaccines and vector vaccines and both work by instructing your cells to create bits of the coronavirus spike protein. 

This is helpful because if you contract the virus later, and your body finds that these proteins, can trigger an immune response. It may not be possible to isolate the best covid vaccine, but you will find an answer to which covid vaccine is better. 

3. How will you measure a covid vaccine efficacy?

Which covid vaccine is better and how will you measure the efficacy of one? You must come read through articles and journals that say a vaccine has 95% efficacy or 66% efficacy. What does it mean?

Efficacy and effectiveness are not the same. While efficacy means how well a particular vaccine works in a controlled trial medium, effectiveness refers to how well the vaccine will work in real conditions. 

So, without thinking about what is the best vaccine for covid, it is best to get the available one. 2021 has witnessed shortages in vaccine manufacturing, which is gradually looking up so, the available one is the best one for you provided you fulfill the eligibility conditions that make you entitled to one. Eligibility conditions here mean some rules have been laid down by the World Health organization that lists the conditions like whether you can take the vaccine while breastfeeding, if you are pregnant, if you have just been affected with Covid-19, the required gap between vaccine doses of you are planning to take the two-dose vaccine and so on. So, only after thoroughly understanding these guidelines must you proceed with the vaccine. The sooner the better as it can save your life. 

4. How will you know if the vaccine is working?

You must have heard many people asking aboutIs the vaccine working?”. It does work and by taking the vaccine shot, these are the following benefits that you will be able to enjoy. A covid vaccine might-

  • Keep you protected against contracting Covid-19 or if you get it, it will not be as severe or the risk of death due to Covid-19 is minimized.
  • You will not infect others with Covid-19, the dear and near ones around you. 
  • By getting vaccinated, you will also be able to safeguard the community as you will be adding to the community of people that are already vaccinated thereby preventing the disease from spreading on a larger scale. 

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