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Surepoint and Kognitiv Spark join hands to offer Remote Technical Assistance

Surepoint Group offers expertise in electrical instrumentation services aside from having mastered skills in equipment fabrication and mechanical services and deals with clients from across the globe. In the event a client faces difficulties with equipment, the professionals at Surepoint Group send field technicians to solve the issue. 

However, there were times when the field technician on reaching the site found that the problem was beyond his purview of service. Thereafter, the company would try to solve the issue through video calls, photos, or phone calls. 

Realizing the need for a solution

This process proved to be cumbersome and most of the time the company was forced to send senior technicians to take the task to completion. Soon after, Surepoint Group decided to join hands with Kognitiv Spark and implement its RemoteSpark solution. 

How does RemoteSpark work and what is it?

The RemoteSpark tool that both companies decided upon is a remote support tool of the industrial grade and is developed on top of Microsoft HoloLens. This tool will allow technicians to set up a call of low bandwidth with an expert in the subject matter so that the process of troubleshooting can be facilitated and accelerated. 

The system will allow offer guidance to technicians at remote locations via video and phone calls. Another interesting feature of the tool is that it allows subject matter experts assisting field technicians remotely, to drag and drop relevant content like images and PDFs, and screenshots that are made available at the end-user’s environment. 

After using RemoteSpark for six months, approximately 60% of the troubles that Surepoint faced were addressed without even sending a field technician to the affected site. So, the resulting downtime witnessed a reduction of 14 to 20 hours per call. 

About Surepoint Group

The Superpoint Group was set up in the year 2003. It is a well-known premier industrial contractor that specializes in electrical and instrumentation services. It has expertise in equipment fabrication and offers automation and mechanical services as well aside from dealing with integrated modular solutions, they work across several sectors and they have branches spread across strategic areas so that they can provide responsive and dependable services. Few other areas that the companies operate in include Telecom and Fiber, RIG Construction, Well Testing and Meter Proving, Compression and Controls, Security and Surveillance, and Renewable Energy. 

The company adheres to a foundation of values and they are committed to extending exceptional service and support to the company’s workforce, clients, and shareholders through the values they believe in and they are “We Care, Live Safe, Honor Integrity, Committed to the Team, and Have Fun”

About Kognitiv Spark

The company is a global leader for extending support in industrial tasks through the software application. They offer holographic industrial worker assistance using interactive 3D content, live Internet of Things (IoT) data, artificial intelligence, aside from mixed and augmented reality. 

Their main aim lies in empowering workers to attain enhanced operational productivity in aerospace, defense, industrial manufacturing, and many other sectors. Their communication platform is RemoteSpark offers extensive support to the frontline workers without downtime in travel and equipment. 

Since 2016, being led by a team of experts that have expertise in various sectors like cybersecurity, oil, and gas aside from the areas mentioned above. 

Kognitiv Spark was established by Ryan Groom who is a reputed specialist in cybersecurity, an excellent developer, along with Duncan McSporran, who is a former military officer that served in many leadership roles while working for the British Army.

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