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The Gift of Giving: 6 Common Business Gifting Mistakes

Business gifting is the perfect way to share your appreciation while also keeping yourself fresh in the minds of vendors and clients.

Business gifting has grown into an industry of its own over the years. There’s a vast array of gifts available, and it can be challenging to discern the most appropriate business gift for customers, suppliers, and employees. 

A gift can leave a great impression on your connections, but it can just as quickly leave recipients with a bad taste in their mouths. To ensure your gifts are received in the spirit they’re intended, here are six common business gifting mistakes to avoid. 

Getting too Personal or not Personal Enough

Your gift has to walk the tight line between generic and overly intimate. You want your gift to show that you know the recipient as more than just a face in the crowd, but you also don’t want to cross a boundary. For example, you wouldn’t want to get someone a cat dish with whiskers on it after learning they have a cat named Whiskers. Overly familiar gifts will have your clients remembering you in the wrong way, like when they hear a spooky noise at night. 

Likewise, you don’t want to get someone a piece of impersonal branded merchandise as a gift. Employees especially will likely have dozens of company shirts, pens, and mugs already, so gifting one of those won’t endear you to anyone. 

For best results, opt for something classy and personalized, like a journal with the intended’s name on it. 

Budgeting Mistakes

Buying a gift is no different from making any other investment. Therefore, you should have a budget. 

The budget should factor in:

  • The cost of the gift 
  • Customization for the receiver 
  • A note or personalized touch 
  • Delivery fees 

If you’re giving gifts to your team, it’s a bit easier because bulk gifts are often eligible for discounts. But with vendors, partners, or third-party service providers, it can get tricky to toe the line between affordability and quality. 

Consult with your payroll department to come up with the proper budget for your gifting needs. Keep in mind that any purchases run through payroll will be taxed, while some gifts, like turkey or ham gift certificates from PFR Corporate Gifts, can be purchased without the need to pass through payroll. 

Bad Timing

Holidays often coalesce around business deadlines, so it can be hard to track when gifts should go out. Keep a calendar of important gifting dates to remain punctual. Otherwise, you could end up leaving an unorganized impression. 

For example, while better than nothing, a birthday or anniversary gift that arrives a week late might face a lukewarm reception.

Sending to the Wrong Address

The COVID-19 era changed how companies operate. With many 9-to-5 employees and clients now working from home, it’s, unfortunately, easier than ever to send a gift to the wrong address

Try to avoid this by ensuring your company keeps up-to-date records on all accounts and employees. The work-from-home approach can also complicate gift-giving etiquette. If you don’t know the recipient very well, consider sending them an electronic voucher rather than mailing something to their home address.

Failure to Consider Company Rules

Most organizations have set rules that govern corporate gifting. These policies outline the kind of items their staff can send or receive as business gifts. 

If you’re gifting people working in financial or government institutions, be extra cautious, as their gifting policies are usually reasonably strict.

Not branding

Every business gift you send should incorporate your business brand. That said, the brand should be discreet and not overly promotional. 

If you slap your full-color logo on everything you give, it might come off as a cash grab. However, if you incorporate your brand’s values and identities subtly into your gifting philosophy, you can leave a lasting memory with your recipients. 


Giving business gifts offers you the perfect opportunity to thank those who’ve made your business successful while also reminding them that you’re here to stay. 

Avoid the six mistakes mentioned above, and you’ll undoubtedly make a positive impression in addition to earning your company more loyalty.

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