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Some of the Best Music Apps to download right now

Listening to music has taken a drastic change in the last 5-10 years. Earlier vinyl records and cassettes were quite popular and highly in demand. Later in the 2000s, people started downloading mp3 music from illegal websites. 

Followed by this, towards the 2010s, Apple introduced iTunes, a music platform where you could stream your favorite music from around the world. This led to platforms like SoundCloud, Deezer, and more popularly, Spotify to come into the scene. These platforms are widely considered the best music streaming apps in the world.

Taking a look at these music apps:

Now, what’s a good music appIn simple terms, it can be considered a streaming platform where users listen to the music they like. These platforms do not compress the sound and provide the best quality of the song. Artists upload their music on a distribution platform which then releases it on various streaming platforms. Music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer are considered the best music apps.


Spotify quickly took over the global stage with its wide variety of music, design, and, more importantly, audio quality. On Spotify, you can create playlists and collaborate with other users to add more songs to the same playlist. Spotify Premium allows listeners to access their favorite music without any advertisements and save up to 10,000 songs. 

Spotify has recently introduced podcasts and The Spotify Green Room, which acts as a live podcast. Based on what you listen to daily, Spotify curates playlists specially for your listening, which is called “daily mix“. Every week you will find one of these playlists on your feed, and these playlists include the song recommended for you based on what you have been listening to on the app. 

The only issue with Spotify is the number of advertisements after every song you play. If you are not subscribed to Spotify Premium, you might have to listen to a Spotify advertisement after almost every two songs. Despite this, Spotify is often called the best music app and is on the top music streaming apps list. 

Apple Music 

Apple Music is known worldwide as one of the best music streaming apps of all time. One can listen to 75+ million songs and can also customize playlists. One of the most notable features of Apple Music is its association with Dolby Atmosphere, therefore, giving the audio a more enhanced sound. This way, the audio is lossless. One can download their favorite songs and play them offline. Connect all your devices to Apple Music, and you can listen to music anytime, anywhere. 


Deezer is known as one of the few music streaming apps that allows you to listen to HiFi FLAC files on your desktop. Listen to unlimited music without advertisements with excellent sound quality, limitless skips, and download songs for offline listening. To listen to music on HiFi quality, Deezer offers a HiFi subscription for better listening quality.

YouTube Music

YouTube has been around for a long period and is the best website/app for watching video content. Recently, the release of YouTube Music has been a major success. The major problem with YouTube earlier was not being able to play videos in the background. YouTube Music allows one to listen to music while one is using other apps simultaneously. YouTube Music will also curate playlists for you based on your listening history.


So, what’s the best music app currently available? There was never a better time when it came to listening to music. The music streaming apps discussed above are some of the best music apps available. They have taken the listening to music experience to another level. Try them out now. 

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