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How to Write a Persuasive Essay on STEM Education

As attention shifts towards STEM education, you are now more likely than ever to encounter an essay on the subject. The assignment will require extraordinary writing skills to attain a top grade. UK Assignment geek helps you to craft all types of essays making your college experience more interesting. 

Examiners grade essays using different parameters. When asked to write a persuasive essay, you have the humongous task of convincing the reader about your idea and understanding of the subject. Here are a few insights on how to write the best persuasive essay on STEM education. 

Revise the prompt 

Every essay is graded on the strength of its adherence to instructions provided on the prompt. Each entry on the instructions shapes the paper in a way. For instance, if the instructions direct you to format the essay in MLA instead of APA format, you will fail for not adhering to such instructions. It is, therefore, crucial to understand and implement these instructions. 

Review the prompt and understand it thoroughly before beginning any work on the essay. Request for help from your tutor or look online if some of the instructions are not clear. You avoid wasting time on a paper only to score a poor grade because you did not adhere to instructions. 

Choose a topic 

Readers judge your paper first on the strength of the topic. The reader first comes into contact with your paper through the topic and will, therefore, form a perception based on the topic. Since the topic will give the first impression, it must be as strong as possible. 

Choose an interesting topic on STEM education. Considering that the topic has been discussed for a while, you must avoid the common areas of discussion. Make the topic unique and interesting to read. Check the works of other scholars for suggestions of areas that need extra attention. Choose a topic that is relevant to the current STEM education discussion. The topic must give readers a reason to pick your paper over any other. 

Research STEM Education

Read widely about stem education. A lot of scholars have studied the topic and provided incredible insights. As you interact with their ideas, you develop a strong point of discussion. You will also find authors who agree and others who disagree with your ideas on STEM education. All these encounters will enrich your thinking. 

Remember that your tutor or the vetting panel has read a lot on the subject, more than you can gather with a single essay. To impress their academic minds requires extra reading. Use high-quality books, journals, research papers, and other approved reference materials to shape your idea of STEM education. It helps you to produce a compelling argument that will earn top grades. 

Develop a strong outline

An outline is a framework to help you organize ideas in a logical sequence. Organized ideas result in a compelling essay. The outline helps you to identify the ideas to open your discussion, form the body of your essay and eventually close the discussion. Such order is important in helping you to create an impact on the mind of the reader when he is reviewing your paper. 

The outline also helps you to assess the strength of your ideas. You can determine whether an idea is viable by writing the supporting subtopics on the outline. If they are not sufficient, you dismiss or merge the idea with others. You might also find a strong idea that can be split. This is only possible when you develop an outline for your essay. 

Strengthen your introduction

Pay attention to your introduction. Just like the topic, use the introduction to give a strong first impression. Arouse the curiosity of the reader by giving credible statistics, telling a story, or quoting an expert on the subject. Give the reader a reason to dig deeper into your essay in the introduction. If a reader loses interest in the paper at the introduction, it will be difficult to reverse the loss. 

Use helpful tools during the drafting stage

A student is allowed to get help when writing an essay. MyCustomEssay.com helps you to draft the most persuasive essays on different topics. The internet also comes with incredible apps that can help you to draft a compelling paper. Use the apps, essay samples, and examples that will make your writing easier. 

Format correctly 

Formatting instructions are always provided at the prompt. They capture the length of your paper, the formatting style to use, and any specific references to make. Correct formatting ensures that a reader can confirm your assertions and read further on the subject. Use formatting apps and other platforms that help you to build an accurate bibliography. 

Once the paper is complete, spare some time to edit and proofread. The exercise will clear errors that may mislead your reader or misrepresent your ideas. You may use an external editor to polish your paper. Submit the paper on time to avoid penalties and safeguard your grades.

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