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10 Corporate Gifts To Welcome Your Employees Back To Office After The Pandemic

Working from home or remote work is the new normal for millions of people across the globe. There are many employees who have been away from their office since the pandemic and are excited to return. There are many new hires who are looking forward to walking into their workspace for the first time. If you are planning on reopening the office, how about welcoming your employees in style? You can welcome them with gifts that make them feel valued and appreciated but shopping for colleagues is easier said than done. With a mix of personalities in the office, there is a lot to consider. We have hunted down some of the best welcome back gifts for every type of co-worker and made the job easier for you. 

1. Back to office mug

One can never go wrong with a mug. It is used by everyone for tea, coffee, or even water. You can choose one that has a funny or inspirational saying that can make them smile. There are several options for you to choose from. Try to add personality to the mug you choose. 

2. Tea infuser and cold brew maker

If your team has tea or coffee lovers, you can gift them the perfect welcome gift. The tea infuser and cold brew maker is an ideal option. They have learned the art of making the perfect cup of hot coffee and now you can help them make a cold brew with this useful and easy-to-use tool. 

3. Chocolate gift box

No matter the type and personality of the colleague, it is not easy choosing the best treats for them but you can never go wrong with a chocolate gift box. Experiment by mixing different flavors from white chocolate to dark chocolate, caramel, and milk. You can also add a personalized note to give a warm welcome to the employee. 

4. Leather card holder 

Say welcome back in style with a shiny new ID cardholder. It is practical and a stylish gift that will be used by one and all. It is full of character and also long-lasting. You can consider personalizing the cardholder with the name or initials of the employee and present it in a stylish well-designed box. 

5. Personalised stationary

Each and every employee will make use of stationary and it is a very practical gift. You can get customized pencils and pens for the employees so that they can jot down the notes. You can also consider adding an inspirational saying on the side to make the gift worthwhile and long-lasting. Alternatively, get a set of personalized notepads for the employees. They are simple, useful, and ideal for all personality types. You can find several custom promotional items to welcome the employees back to the office. 

6. Crewneck sweatshirt

Give the employees a sweatshirt with a funky phrase or a quirky graphic design. It is a wonderful way to make them feel welcome and warm in the office. 

7. Mini humidifier

You can show that you care about the well-being of the employee by giving them a portable, compact humidifier. It can work as an ideal desk accessory that will give off moisture to offset the dry air in the workplace.

8. Succulent Plant

Indoor plants have gained a lot of importance over the past year and succulent is a low maintenance indoor plant that says welcome back in a unique way. It will help add warmth to the workspace of the employee and will not hog space. The plant will power through even if you do not water it regularly. 

9. Books

You can never go wrong with books. You can show your employees that you are invested in their learning by giving them a few welcome back books. It will match their interests and be highly useful. The book could be on anything that is aligned with their position in the organization or about a topic they have said they wanted to learn more about. 

10. Flowers

A simple and heart-warming present, flowers can brighten the day of the employees, especially if they are unexpected. You can get them delivered with a personalized note stating you are happy to have them back.

Consider these 10 gifts to welcome the employees back to the office after a long time. These are heart-warming and useful gifts that will make them feel appreciated and welcome. It is always a good idea to leave a personalized note with the gift to add a touch of warmth. These gifts will be loved and cherished by the employees as they least expect them. Make a memorable day for them with one of these beautiful gifts specially chosen and curated for the employees in your organization.

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