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AB InBev – Company Research Report

About AB InBev

Ab InBev that stands for Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV is a multinational brewing and drink firm that has its base in Leuven, Belgium. It was formed in 2008 when the Brazilian firm AmBev and Interbrew from the US merged. It has its regional headquarters in Johannesburg, Bremen, Mexico City, St. Louis, London, Sao Paulo, and many other. The global functional management office is located in New York City. Ab InBev is present in 150 countries and has over 630 beer brands.

AB InBev was already the largest brewer in the world but in October 2005, when the company acquired SABMiller, it even became the fast-moving and largest firm for consumer goods globally. 

This company is publically listed and has its primary listing on Euronext Brussels as ABI. The secondary listings are in:

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: BUD)
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE: ANH)
  • Mexico City Stock Exchange (BMV: ABI)
  • BEL 20 Component

As of 2019, it had around 1,70,000 employees. The company says, 

“There are no shortcuts. We believe in taking responsibility and owning the results. That’s why we’re constantly raising the bar and are never satisfied with “good enough.” We know that together we can achieve our Dream of a Better World.”

The subsidiaries of the firm are Grupo Modelo, AmBev, InBev, and Anheuser-Busch.

Key Management People

  • Michel Doukeris became the CEO of AB InBev on 1st July 2021. He joined the firm in 1996 and worked in the Latin America and Asia office as well in commercial operation roles.
  • Nelson Jamel was appointed as the Chief People Officer on April 29, 2020. He has been in the firm for over 20 years and has worked in finance roles and places like North America, Western Europe, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.
  • Fernando Tennenbaum is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer since 29th April 2020. He joined in 2004 and since then worked in finance roles such as M&A, Investor Relations, and Treasury. He even served as the Finance Vice President for South America Zone and Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer of Ambev S.A.
  • Pedro Earp is AB InBev’s Chief Marketing & ZX Ventures Officer since 1st January 2019. In 2002, he was the Zone’s M&A team head, M&A Global director in Belgium in 2005, in 2006 he moved to Canada to become Vice President, Global Vice President, Insights and Innovation in 2007, Global Vice President, M&A in 2009, and Vice President, Marketing for the Latin America North Zone in 2013. In February 2015, he served as a Chief Disruptive Growth Officer of AB InBev.
  • On 29th April 2020, David Almeida was appointed as the Chief Strategy and Technology Officer.
  • John Blood is AB InBev’s Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer and Company Secretary.
  • Peter Kraemer is the Chief Supply Officer.
  • Ezgi Barcenas is AB InBev’s Chief Sustainability Officer since August 2021.
  • The General Counsel of the firm is Katherine Barrett.
  • Jan Craps is AB InBev’s Zone President Asia Pacific and CEO and Co-Chair of Budweiser Brewing Company APAC.
  • Jean Jereissati is the Zone President of South America & BU President for Brazil Beer.
  • Brendan Whitworth is the North America Zone President for the firm.
  • Carlos Lisboa is AB InBev’s Zone President Middle Americas since 1st January 2019.
  • Ricardo Moreira is AB InBev’s Zone President Africa.
  • Ricardo Tadeu is the firm’s Chief B2B Officer.
  • Jason Warner is AB InBev’s Zone President Europe.
  • Lucas Herscovici is AB InBev’s Chief Sales Officer since August 2020.
  • Pablo Panizza is AB InBev’s Chief Direct to Consumer Officer.

Brands of AB InBev

The firm’s portfolio has soft-drink and popular beer brands. They classify their brands into local champions, International Brands, and Global brands. Below are few popular brands for AB InBev before the merger with SABMiller but after the merger, it has over 400 beer brands.

  • Local Champion Brands

URSUS, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch, Peroni Nastro Azzurro,Timisoreana, Stejar,Ciucas, Azuga, Volzhanin, Spaten, Sibirskaya Korona, Shock Top, Rolling Rock, Quilmes, Presidente, Premier, OB Golden Lager, Natural, Modelo, Michelob, Labatt, Kokanee, Jupiler, Hertog Jan, Harbin Brewery, Goose Islans, Franziskaner, Four Peaks, Dommelsch, Pacena, Cass, Cafri, Busch, Blue Point Brewing Company, Atlas, Alexander Keith’s etc.

  • International Brands

Leffe, Hoegaarden, Beck’s etc

  • Global Brands

Stella Artois, Corona, Budweiser etc.

Takeovers by Ab InBev

Before acquiring SABMiller, here is a diagram of acquisitions made by the firm.

Takeovers by ABInBev

Around the world, more breweries like Mexico’s Grupo Modelo, South Korea’s Oriental Brewery, and SABMiller came to unite under the AB InBev umbrella. They all shared a common goal — bringing people together to form lasting relationships over great-tasting beer.

Locations of AB InBev

1. Africa

  • Botswana-Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Ltd
  • eSwatini-eSwatini Beverages Ltd
  • Ghana-SAB (South African Breweries) and Accra Brewery Limited
  • Lesotho-Maluti Mountain Brewery
  • Malawi-Chibuku Products Ltd
  • Mozambique-Cervejas De Moçambique
  • Nigeria-International Breweries
  • South Africa-Johannesburg and SAB
  • South Sudan-Southern Sudan Beverages Ltd
  • Tanzania- Tanzania Breweries Ltd
  • Uganda-Nile Breweries
  • Zambia- Zambian Breweries Plc, Heinrichs Syndicate, National Breweries Plc, Sable House


  • China- AB InBev
  • South Korea-Oriental Brewing Company (OBC)
  • Japan- Anheuser-Busch InBev Japan KK
  • India-AB InBev
  • New Zealand-AB InBev

3. Europe

  • Austria-AB InBev
  • Belgium- AB InBev Belgium
  • Czech Republic- Anheuser-Busch InBev Czech s.r.o
  • Denmark- AB InBev Denmark
  • Finland- Ab InBev Finland Oy
  • France- AB InBev
  • Germany- AB InBev
  • Israel- AB InBev
  • Italy- Anheuser-Busch InBev Italia S.p.A.
  • Luxembourg- AB InBev
  • Netherland- AB InBev
  • Poland- AB InBev
  • Russia- AB InBev
  • Spain- AB InBev
  • UAE- AB InBev
  • Norway- AB InBev Norway AS
  • Spain (Canary Islands)- Compañía Cervecera de Canarias SA
  • Sweden- AB InBev Sweden
  • Switzerland- Anheuser-Busch InBev Procurement GmbH
  • UK & Ireland- Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I
  • Ukraine- AB InBev Efes

4. Middle Americas

  • Colombia- Bavaria
  • Cuba- Cervecaria Bucanero
  • Dominican Republic- Cervecaria Nacional Diminicana, S.A.
  • Ecuador- Cervecería Nacional
  • El Salvador- Avenida Independencia 526
  • Guatemala- Ambev CentroAmerica (Industrias del Atlantico, S.A.)
  • Honduras- Cervecería Hondureña, S.A de C.V
  • Mexico- Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.
  • Panama- Avenida Ricardo J Alvaro & Via
  • Peru- Backus

5. South Americas

  • Brazil- Cervejaria Ambev
  • Cuba- Cervecaria Bucanero
  • Dominican Republic- Cervecaria Nacional Diminicana, S.A
  • Guatemala- Ambev CentroAmerica (Industrias del Atlantico, S.A.)
  • Panama- Avenida Ricardo J Alvaro & Via, Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes, Cerveceria Argentina Isenbeck, Costa Salguero Office
  • Paraguay- Cervepar
  • Bolivia- Cervecería Boliviana Nacional S.A. (CBN)
  • Chile- Cervecería Chile
  • Uruguay- FNC

5. North America

  • United States- Anheuser-Busch
  • Canada- Labatt Breweries of Canada

Financials of AB InBev

AB InBev Finance

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