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A supportive Plan of Action for Business expansion with Nintex

Seeking growth is an integral part of any business model and is crucial in achieving success. iNova Pharmaceuticals sought expansion and better reach but soon realized that an effective way to manage and handle business processes was the need of the hour. 

With operations spread across New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Australia and dealing with several products, the iNova Pharmaceuticals realized that innovation was needed in many areas if it wanted to excel. As such, it contemplated automating business processes for gaining agility and for scaling up its operations. At the same time, it could also utilize its resources in other areas that required attention. So, it was looking for a workflow solution for its business model. 

A supportive strategy – Teaming up with Nintex

Two main reasons for taking this strategic step were to achieve high functionality and intuitive interface and hope that this step would add value to the existing business processes. 

According to company sources at iNova, they had to follow up extensively for the paperwork and to get approval. Although it would be taken to completion but the same had to be carried out manually, thereby losing out on valuable time. As such Nintex came to the rescue to do away with manual work. 

How does the new workflow solution work?

The vendor request workflow makes use of Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Forms. When an iNova worker is required to complete a form. This form has information about the vendor. Once it is filled, it is passed on to the relevant departments. 

Earlier, managers had to scan through bulk emails and documents so that they could keep a track of the approval process. With the new process in place, the managers are always aware of the nature of workflow. Due to this, the onboarding process could be accelerated and the speed of the same increased by as much as 30%. 

With iNova and Nintex teaming up, aside from the above benefits that iNova is being able to derive, Nintex has made it possible for iNova to abide by consistent governance. So, even the legal teams are notified instantaneously which makes it possible to complete the legal documentation process earlier. 

The workflow solution of Nintex is helping iNova Pharmaceuticals by standardizing and automating their business process. It has also improved the accuracy of the results allowing for greater ability to track and offering adequate accountability. 

iNova Pharmaceuticals also expressed that the more they use the workflow solution offered by Nintex and for a longer duration, the better it is and it will make it easier for iNova to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Word of mouth facilitated speedier processes across the company

When every department witnesses the benefits of the workflow solutions offered by Nintex, executives expressed their desire to work with the system and use Nintex. Following this development, further recruitment for a new workflow process vendor was taken onboard particularly for two departments, namely, the finance and legal department. 

About Nintex

Nintex is the global benchmark for automation and process management. More than 10,000 organizations across the private and public sectors have availed the benefits of the Nintex Platform. It has enabled these companies to boost their progress as far as digital transformation and transition are concerned. It allows for easier management, automation, and optimization of various business processes within a business model. Nintex is here to stay to revolutionize IPA or Intelligent Process Automation. 

It is a software company with the employee strength of 500 plus with headquarters at Bellevue, Washington. Privately held it was set up in 2006. 

What are the specialties of Nintex?

They include SharePoint Workflow, Microsoft SharePoint, Cloud-0365 and Azure, SharePoint Forms, Document generation, process mapping, digital transformation, RPA, process automation, Salesforce, Mobile apps, Intelligent Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Forms, and process management to name just a few. 

About iNova Pharmaceutical

iNova Pharmaceuticals is a global organization that is into developing, marketing, and selling a broad spectrum of non-prescription health products and prescription medicines to more than 20 countries spanning New Zealand, Africa, Asia, and Australia. 

It employs more than 500 industry professionals across 3 continents intending to deliver trusted and market-leading products and brands that will take care of the overall well-being of people daily.

What are iNova Pharmaceutical products? 

The company’s product portfolio comprises therapeutic sections like cough, cold, flu, weight management, dermatology, health supplements, and various products for the well-being of females.

Boasting of “rich product heritage”, the company’s flagship brands have been around for more than 50 years now. the products are manufactured meeting the highest industry standards globally. 

The company boasts of engaging and collaborative workplace culture and excels and has commendable team effort in all areas including sales and marketing, quality assurance, regulatory, supply chain, legal, finance, and medical. 

iNova Pharmaceuticals strive to take measures that are environment friendly and sets remarkable standards in procurement and expect the same from the ones they deal with. 

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