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A Paper-Less Healthcare Effort By CCube Solutions & North Bristol NHS Trust

CCube Solutions extended help to NHS Trust by incorporating their “award-winningsoftware application so that they could reduce the storage cost. This migration would also allow clinicians to get access to their medical records promptly. 

In the year 2014, the North Bristol NHS Trust launched its newly set up hospital in Bristol, England. The state-of-the-art hospital was established to minimize the waiting times and improve user or patient experience at the hospital. 

However, although, the hospital was functioning at its best, yet North Bristol Trust continued using storing space for paper-based medical records. This led to huge costs and made the process of accessing documents much slower for the clinicians. 

Such was the condition of storage that as many as 1.2 million medical folders had to be stored off-site and an excess of 1000 medical folders had to be reached at Southmead Hospital and their premises every day for their storage. 

For the longer term, this was not a feasible and sustainable method of working. As such, they kept on looking for a digital solution that could help North Bristol NHS overcome these pitfalls. 

Teaming up with CCube Solutions

To counter these drawbacks unsustainable way of working daily, North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) entered a partnership with CCube Solutions so that the company’s electronic document and records management (EDRM) software application could be incorporated into their daily operations. This would do away with paper records, save a lot of time of staff attending to these records, and save the cost of storing data off-site. 

The implementation of the project or team up with CCube Solutions was a part of a phased strategy of the NBT for its Electronic Patient Record Strategy. 

Jumping on to the bandwagon of digital platform extended by CCube Solutions ensured that North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT)’s 6000 plus healthcare professionals can have prompt access to the medical records of the patients as and when they require. 

The hospital authorities also said that the hospital was aiming at making the organizations paper-free by the year 2020. 

After implementing EDRM software, the North Bristol NHS Trust is now able to provide healthcare professionals with the medical records they want instantly. This is a great relief from the years-old practice whereon the medical staff had to send in requests to the Medical Records Library personnel that used to take hours. 

According to David Mitchell, the chief clinical officer, NBT, “In modern hospitals, people need to access to notes for several things“. From the time the digital archive has become functional, the hospital files and medical records can be easily searched for and get what clinicians require at any point in time. The archive works round the clock 24 hours a day. One of the best aspects of the medical archive is that the records can be accessed by many people at the same time. 

The new EDRM system is fostering clinical effectiveness, has made it possible for the hospital to reduce its operational costs, thereby abiding by data and record compliance. This results in patient safety and better care for them. 

About CCube Solutions

CCube Solutions are anchored around Electronic Document and Records Management and Workflow and Electronic Forms-based technologies. The same technologies are configured with a web portal so that every business can avail their specific needs and objectives. 

Starting from “small departmental applications” to “enterprise-wide solutions“, CCube Solutions extends applications in the following areas, namely, compliance, health records, law enforcement, local authority, and finance

The company has worked with organizations, both private and public. CCube Solutions has on its clientele, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and local authorities. 

There is a common requirement among all its clients, which they have catered to and made possible by their applications and that is a management system that is essentially legislation compliant and robust. 

Hospitals and its clients can access data with a “touch of a button” and get all the crucial information it is looking for delivered promptly. The company has a great track record of offering tangible benefits to its clients. 

About North Bristol NHS Trust

North Bristol NHS Trust is one of the largest NHS trusts in the country. It extends medical care to the local population that comprises 500,000 people spread across North Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset. 

The hospital is a seat of excellence and offers a wide range of specialties in neonatal care, orthopedics, renal care, transplants, and neurosciences. 

To attain their “exceptional healthcare, personally delivered”, service, the organization believes and operates in an environment of consistent development and learning. The North Bristol NHS Trust is also the largest seat of learning and teaching trust working in tandem with the University of Bristol and the University of West of England.

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