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6 Ways Microwave Cooking Can Save Your Time and Money

Take a moment and think about the last time you used your microwave oven. Maybe you were defrosting some food or reheating some cold milk. Your microwave is capable of doing much more than what you are using the appliance for.

Be it an Ifb or Samsung microwave; you can use it to prepare snacks and healthy meals at home, from scratch. Buying a Microwave oven can be used to prepare many food items a lot faster than the stove-top or oven or, making it more comfortable to cook a healthy and delicious meal on a tight schedule to save your time. Let’s take a look at the various ways and some tips to save your time and money with microwave cooking:

Reheat the Leftovers

You can quickly reheat the leftovers from the previous night’s dinner and convert them into another dish with a microwave oven. If you happen to have access to a microwave oven at work, you can use these leftovers as part of a brown bag lunch.

Another great idea is to stash those leftovers in your freezer and defrost them the next day before consumption; that’s way cheaper than ordering food from outside when you are too exhausted and unable to cook a fresh meal.

Thaw Meat

When you reach home from the office, you’re super hungry, your family is also hungry, and the core ingredient for dinner is still a frozen, solid block.

At this point, most people ditch their meal plan and end up spending more than 500 INR on getting ready to eat food from outside or order online, but with a microwave oven, you don’t have to. A Samsung microwave or other good microwave oven can thaw a half kg block of meat in just 10 minutes, which means you can still make your soup or spaghetti dinner in much less time than it would take your online food delivery person to arrive.

Cook Veggies

Having a microwave oven makes it super easy to get your everyday dose of fresh vegetables because it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to cook them. Your microwave oven can give you an excellently cooked serving of veggies every time in less than 15 minutes.

Dry Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are pretty expensive to purchase from a store. Now you can still put those leftover fresh herbs to great use by drying them, and the Samsung microwave extends one of the easiest and quickest ways to do it. You can also follow the same process to preserve home-grown herbs from your window box or vegetable garden.

Froth Milk for Coffee

Here’s how you can froth milk in your microwave oven:

  • Put some milk into a jar (low-fat or non-fat or milk works best); you need to leave some space in your jar for the foam.
  • Put the lid back on the jar and shake it quickly for 45 to 60 seconds to generate froth.
  • Remove the lid and place the jar in the microwave oven. Now heat it on high setting for about 30 seconds. The froth will come to the upper surface, leaving steamed milk at the bottom section.
  • Now you can use this foam and steamed milk in your favorite coffee drink.

Make Potato Chips

With a little patience and your microwave oven, you can use that super cheap raw potato to make potato chips that are much healthier and cheaper than the ones in the bag.

This list of tips and ways is only a tiny portion of all the possibilities of what can be done with a microwave oven to save time and money. Whether you are about to get a Samsung microwave oven or a popular model from other reputed brands, as you get tuned to using the tips mentioned above, you will also discover new ways to use your microwave more efficiently.

The microwave oven’s use isn’t confined to cooking, either. You can also use your microwave oven to sterilize your kitchen sponge or freshen up stale bread so that you don’t need to throw them or replace them frequently. You can also consider heating a sock full of regular rice to make dry heat for your aching muscles, and you can find more of such tips in our other articles.

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