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The Unspoken Value of Product Packaging

When a customer receives a product, the packaging is the first thing they see. Before they get a chance to judge the product they purchased, the packaging will create an impression. This first impression will continue to represent the product and the brand as a whole.

Packaging was once thought of as just an exterior wrapping used to safeguard goods and carry them from point A to point B. With time, however, the external covering of a product has gained more value. It has become a tool for communicating the company’s values and other advantages that the product provides to the buyer.

Packaging is an essential part of product branding and marketing. A creative package can improve the product’s appeal and, as a result, influence the likelihood of purchase. In fact, container design now affects 72% of American customers’ purchase decisions. 

Reasons Why Packaging is Important

Roughly, 63% of the consumers believe product packaging is just as important as the product itself. Packaging your goods communicates a message: what your brand represents and what it means to your consumer. Keep these factors in mind when you consider your company’s product packaging.

Safety and Protection

The basic purpose of packing is to secure the product from harm during transportation, handling, and storage. Packaging keeps the product safe along the supply chain, from the supplier to the end-user. Many firms use seals, bubble wraps, or foam around their goods to avoid fraud and maintain the product’s safety.

Visual Appeal

The packaging reflects the contents of the package as well as the brand overall. The primary objective of every product is to attract consumers and convince them to buy it. It’s important to choose high-quality materials, designs, and colors that appeal to customers and encourage them to pick up your goods.

In this time of social media, your product and packaging might even get featured online. If consumers fall in love with the packaging, they will post a story on their Instagram or Snapchat account, promoting your brand.

Price Justification

Quality and branding are key when it comes to selling jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and other high-end items. The packaging has a role beyond attraction and security. Because your consumers will be spending more money on your goods than usual, everything has to justify the price your consumer pays. Premium packaging is a simple and effective method to reassure your consumers that they made the correct decision and encourage them to buy again.

Brand Recognition

Consumers are more likely to remember branded items. Having packaging with your logo can help them identify your product the next time they go shopping. Brands like Coke have made slight adjustments to their packaging throughout the years while remaining faithful to their original design. According to research, 50% of buyers may switch to a new brand if their preferred brand’s signature packaging design changes. 

The Unboxing Experience

The packaging should be part of the product experience. There has also been a rise in people posting ‘present opening’ and ‘unboxing’ experiences on social media. YouTubers in the product reviewing niche continue to make unboxing videos, sharing their unboxing experience with the viewers. For example, unboxing a new Apple product is enjoyable since the packaging matches the elegant, user-friendly feel of the device inside.

Things to Consider

Understanding the importance of packaging and incorporating every factor is not the goal. Your packaging should always define your company, your product, and, most importantly, you.

Before starting to create a product’s packaging, learn the answers to 3 questions:

  1. What product is being sold? A fragile product, for example, will need more secure packing.
  2. What approaches are customers employing to buy the product? In-store products need packaging that helps them stand out from their competitors.
  3. Who is the product’s target market? Larger text may be required for products meant for old people.

One Step Further

Approximately 52% of consumers said they would pay more for a product if the packaging attracts them. With more than half of the consumers returning because of good packaging, it’s worth it to go the extra mile.

Small notes and personalized messages cost practically nothing but say a lot about your brand. The consumer will feel special, and it’ll show extra effort and care on your part. You can add small gifts inside the package, like personalized promotional pens and pencils, branded stickers, magnets, and more. These gifts act as souvenirs for your brand. After the product has been used or gifted, these additions serve as a reminder and eventually bring the customer back.

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